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  • Sean

    PFP is also the current cyclocross world champ. The win in Tabor was the classiest of the event.

    • Ah yes, quite right. Thanks for the reminder!

  • jules

    that must have been a steep descent. when it’s wet and that steep, I find you can’t slow to your entry speed and cruise through the turn with no brakes applied, as you continue to pick up too much speed. this leaves you in a ‘no win’ situation where you need to apply your brakes in the turn, which robs of you of grip you don’t have.

    • Rex

      Disk breaks solve this.

      • jules

        how? you still need to brake in the downhill corner – it’s the tyre grip that is the limiting factor.

        • Dale Smith

          Agree Jules. The road was the problem, not the rims.

      • Dave

        *Disc brakes* don’t solve the problem that you can brake or turn, not do both.

        • Rex

          I didn’t consider this.

          • Dave

            The spelling or the basics of bike handling?

  • Lounge

    Love the rather optimistically placed padding on the armco barrier in the first corner Alexandre Geniez’s descent video. Can just imagine the conversation between the workers fastening it to the barrier!! “Giuseppe wherea do you wanna me to putta thisa padding eh?” “Justa putta it over dere somewherea” “Ok goodo. Cafe now?” “Bellissimo”

    • jules

      i was disappointed to discover that italians don’t tend to speak like that anymore :(

      • Dave

        Simona Clarka of Orica-Greenedga might disagree with you after his podium presentation last week.

        • Dave

          Although the announcer that day might just have been mocking him for his second place celebration.

          • Jessy Vee

            Whada mistaka to maka!

      • CB

        Except in certain episodes of the Simpsons.

        • jules

          or Family Guy

  • Dale Smith

    It was exciting watching the Giro last night, seeing the Greenedge boys building up for a Gerro assault on that last climb, then heartbreaking when he came off. But then I found myself barracking for Gilbert. Great to see bmc ride a bit smarter and give him a shot. I thought maybe they should have gotten on the front earlier so Phil didn’t have to try to bridge over, but they were probably all over the place after the previous climb. Super exciting to watch Gilbert catch Kangert (Astana are the bad guys in this race for some reason) and then power away from Alberto and Ulissi. Well worth the lack of sleep!

  • Miyazaki Ex-Pat

    An 11.4km road stage at the Tour of Japan?

    • Robert Merkel


      Jono Lovelock wrote a story about it a couple of years go. It’s insane as it sounds.


      • Miyazaki Ex-Pat

        Great article, in fact that was very well written! Agree with his praise for cycling in Japan, and how great the people are (even if you walk into a bike shop with your shoes on!). Who was the rider who won the GC in the clip? Thanks again.

  • Michele

    A good common sense comment by Cookson explaining why Porte had to receive his penalty; and at the same time helping up appreciate that the race jury are not going to be able to pick up every breach of the rules.

    And that reconciles perfectly with the outcome to those who decided to play chicken with the TGV at Paris-Roubaix. And also with those who decide to use the concrete foot/bike paths not on the race course, as opposed to the cobbled section at the Belgium races.

    “With the practically of bike racing, you can have a race spread over many kilometers. The jury doesn’t see every transgression. If something happens in the middle of the bunch, they don’t see it. Sometimes things slip by.”

    • Rex

      Stuff happens. They can’t be expected to see what riders are doing around trains or on footpaths.

    • Arfy

      I thought Cookson summed it up perfectly when he said “When it happens like this, with a classification rider and the race full on, the commissaries have no option but to be firm.” In other words, one rule for some and another rule for everyone else.

      • Michele

        Yep spot on.

        This from lat year’s K-B-K. I know he’s having a bit of a dummy spit, but Seiberg is still right:

        In response to the break using bike and footpaths, Sieberg tweeted after the race: For what we have new rules??? Front group all on the asphalt *bike path* Peloton all on the cobbles,”

        He followed up his initial tweet with: “And now we know why we lost 30sec just on this point. Come on guys….everyone or no one.”

        I couldn’t imagine a UCI Commissioner keeping a close eye on a breakaway.

        • Michele

          I can’t tell if Boonen is one of the 4 Quickstep riders in the shots above. But if the 4 were DS’Q – which is one of the penalties the race jury can use at their discretion, would Tom had won??

          Then again, there are 3 Belkin riders there as well.

          When looking at the sprint finish, I think it’s fair to say K-B-K wasn’t compromised in anyway at all … :)

      • TV Time Tommy

        So, by extending that logic – i.e. you have to enforce the rulebook when the race is full-on and key riders are involved – how the $%&@ can the TGV dodgers at Paris-Roubaix have been completely overlooked by the commissaires & UCI?? Wasn’t Johnny D. (eventual winner) one of those riders spotted skirting around the closed boom gates?? Can someone hand Cookson a shovel, so he can really deepen that hole he has dug for himself?

        • Michele

          My understanding is JD wasn’t one who skirted the boom gates, but I did read somewhere that Bert De Backer was. And he was instrumental in influencing the finale.

  • DaGoose
  • Derek Maher

    Well done to Lauren Kitchen on her stage win.
    Best of luck to Seabase on his fixed wheel attempt,Although he should be carrying a couple of tubs and a bottle of vino for that authentic look.
    I guess matthews will be the man for Orica for the next few stages.Those wet greasy decents sure tested the riders nerves I can see a clamber for motor GP wet tyre rubber in future tours.
    Alberto sure looks good in this Giro,Aru is fading a little could be a lack of stamina is starting to show ?.
    I am glad that Brian Cookson made a statement about following the rules when infractions are spotted. The wheel change rule had to be enforced and the rule left no room for discretion.
    Nice interview with Pauline an elegant lady racer with loads of talent.


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