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September 26, 2017
September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
  • bikefreek

    How well are those Iranians going? Surely one must be picked up by a WT team eventually after smashing all comers on the asia tour for years. Also, I would interested to know what training methods the current teams are using that Euskatel were not. It seems that many of their riders who found rides after the team folded are doing much better than they ever did on Euskatel. Even Caja Rural seem to better utilise Euskatel riders than Euskatel could ever do. Actuall on reflection, I probably dont want to know.

    • Robert Merkel

      In a country of 80-odd million people there must be some genuine talents. Shame we’ll never know because of the current lot of clowns.

  • FT27

    Horner’s comments are cringeworthy.

    • Sven Nijs

      He is clearly delusional.

      • FT27

        That or just very insecure. Quite sad really.

        • A

          That or his an ex Grand Tour winner.

          • FT27

            Forgot to add an #ididthat Chris :)

            • A

              He’s a GT winner you fool. Of course people want to watch him.

    • Michele

      There’s only 1 thing worse than reading Horner’s comments as quoted above.

      That would be hearing him say them.

      Imagine reading those comments, delivered in a manner such as like this; special shot out for the last 20 seconds of pure Horner magic:


      • velocite

        Thanks for that clip Michele. I love Horner! Don’t really understand why you and others regard him with such contempt.

        • A

          I wonder if it is all these new people coming over to cycling, needing to ‘support’ chosen teams/riders against and similarly dislike others. And Horner no doubt get’s disliked by some for his country american mannerisms and his age (since he road through the dark era).

          We used to just enjoy the sporting contest… and when people gave interviews whilst wet, in the cold and after 200+km of hard elite racing we were grateful.

  • Holby City

    Richie’s injury must be really bad and if so he should pull out now.

    • sli1

      I question how bad his injury is on the basis that Sky has left him in the race for now. He is THE most valuable lieutenant to Froome at TdF so I can’t see Sky pushing him on injured. I can see a case where they would say – “lets see what you can do in the mountains in the third week of a grand tour”. If that’s the case, last night didn’t go too well.

  • Heebs

    MIRSAMAD POORSEYEDIGOLAKHOUR needs a nickname and should attempt the hour record


    • The only problem with that hashtag is that once you use it you’d have no more characters left to tweet with!

    • Comm Box

      The need for a nick name for this rider reminds me of a 12th man bit, where Bill Lawry is complaining about the Sri Lankan cricketers names, and how ‘someone has to have a word with Cricket Australia about this’.

  • Henry

    For an unsanctioned bike race the Red Hook Crits look better organised/run than many/most sanctioned races! What a blast… should be more of this and would be perfect for a TV spectacle or the premise for a feature film. So much colour and speed and danger and awesomeness. More of these I say!

  • sket

    Putting two on the podium in Milan should really settle those doping allegations (and positive tests) for Astana. Which would be the cleaner top 3 – ToJ or the Giro??

    • sli1

      It could be better than that. If Bertie were to crash or get worked over by Astana in the remaining week, we could have part 1 of a potential Giro, TDF double for Astana. How would the UCI and cycling fans celebrate such a wonderful outcome ?

  • chop

    Great little highlights package of the Tour of Toowoomba – nicely done with good footage, comments from riders, etc.

    • MattHurst

      What happened at the end? Clearly the time gaps were not communicated and the GC was confused! Great package though.

  • Cdee

    Does anyone listen to The Dollop podcast? Chris Horner is
    starting to look like he would be good topic for a future episode.

  • Stompin

    Does this mean Leopold König gets to move into Richies’s RV now?

    • Survey Says

      You should shortly see balloons and confetti falling from above you Stomp, as I am fairly certain this is the 1 millionth time since Porte dropped time in the TT that a forum commenter has said this on a website somewhere in the known universe that covers Cycling. As for your question, I do believe they will be playing rock, paper scissors amongst the staff as to who gets to enjoy this luxurious RV once Porte inevitably decides to pack it in and head home.

      • Stompin

        Or maybe they’ll give the RV a ceremonial torching.

        • Dave

          A team that can afford a customised Jag F-Type as a support car can probably afford to forfeit their deposit on the RV rental.

          • Stompin

            Or forfeit a contract or two.

  • Derek Maher

    Great stage win by Landa,I would love to see him captain a Tour team.
    I was also impressed by Yuri Trofimov riding for Tean Katusha who took second on the stage he made a brave attack in the final K.
    Alberto rode a masterful stage while Aru just about hung in.
    A pity about that massive crash in the Ports Tour it wrecked a lot of riders chances for glory.


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September 26, 2017
September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017