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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
  • Sean

    The fixed gear crits are completely nuts.

    • purpletezza

      Agree. Totally sensational. And the promotional posters are fantastic. Good enough to stick on your wall cos there are often links to high-res versions.

      There are often race details etc on the www.http://theradavist.com/ (along with other super cool stuff)

  • Anon N + 1

    What does “unsanctioned” with respect to the Red Hook Crit? Someone must have sanctioned it: it is the eighth time it’s been run; the organizers set up barriers.

    • jules

      the UN wanted to impose sanctions on it for not requiring brakes but Russia vetoed the resolution, the race was unsanctioned

      • Gordon

        Disagree Jules, the UN have never made a definitive statement. They do have meetings then declare they are unsure what to do next or cannot agree on the sandwiches to have at the next meeting.

        • mt

          That’s why they’re called the UN….UNsure ;-P

    • “I try to rejoin the race but realize my saddle has snapped off” is perhaps the most gruseome comment of the entire narrated video.

      • jules

        he’s feeling lucky he didn’t use a running leap-mount..

    • Whippet

      It means not sanctioned by a cycling organisation (in this case USA Cycling), a bit like the 3 Peaks Challenge but with prize money.

    • Dave

      It means that its running is not overseen by a cycling governing body that is part of the UCI structure, which could be the UCI itself, a national body that is a UCI member (i.e. Cycling Australia), or a lower-level body (e.g. Cycling SA, MTB Australia etc) which is part of the national body.

      It means that the UCI racing rules don’t apply, there’s no guarantee of insurance and there’s no minimum standards of organisation – entering an unsanctioned race means you accept that risk yourself.

      Race Across America is another example of an unsanctioned race, whenever Christophe Strasser wins it I can’t help but wonder why he doesn’t enter real races – is it because RAAM has no anti-doping policy or simply because he isn’t good enough to get a place on a team and has to settle for that instead.

  • Gee

    Can we get that scooter rider to say “Red 5 standing by”

  • karthik sundaram

    the red light jumper…note to others wanting to ride brakeless in wet conditions.

  • Manning Thomson

    According to road.cc the fixie rider wasn’t trying to run the red. He was originally thinking he’d make the green light, misjusdged it and grabbed a fistful of front brake to stop in time only to have the cable snap

    • Simon

      And to quote said rider from the article…“It was me. Thought I’d just get the lights, hence the speed. Realised it wasn’t happening, squeezed the front brake. Cable snapped. Not enough time to lose speed on back wheel in the wet. Not fun.”
      He went on: “It’s a fixed back wheel, front brake for urgent braking, pushing back on the pedals gives you controlled but sadly slower braking with the back wheel, so what you see is me pushing back as hard as I can but it’s a crap bit of road surface and it was wet.”

      So we all know in the wet, fixed gear, broken front cable or not, braking distances are greater. Ride to the conditions.

  • Dave

    Good to see Foxtel increasing their cycling programming, the standard of SBS is slipping backwards and they need a bit more competition.

    • Conconi – The Original Master

      Dave .. your thoughts on their Giro coverage?

      • Dave

        The coverage is about on par with what I expect from them. I especially miss the dulcet tones of Paul and Phil. I miss their outstanding knowledge of race craft and what riders have in their suitcases. The two hacks they have on now (Keenman and MacDonald), wouldn’t even have a clue if a rider is turning himself inside out or riding like a man possessed. Don’t even get me started on the danger of touching your brakes and dropping back eleventy billion positions in the last corner.

  • CB

    Come on Richie, take the offer, whichever is the best, to be TDF team leader. You can do it.

  • Ian

    Can I get odds now on a Tabriz rider winning Tour de Korea?

    • Kayrehn

      Yup, OGE is gonna experience getting whipped by a continental team there…

    • chris

      Tabriz and Pishgaman will fill up the podium, especially if climbing is involved. Should be interesting for OGE.

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    Ochowicz must have forgotten the dayz they let teams like 7/Eleven in despite having no Grand Tour experience? Hard to believe anyone misses TV’s Heckel and Jeckel. These cartoon characters have been “phoning it in” for so long when they finally retire their commentary could live on forever via computer-generation of their worn-out phrases.


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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017