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  • Robert Merkel

    If the Giro gets a bit tedious at any point you could do a lot worse than grab a sneaky look at a Tour des Fjords livestream. The Norwegian scenery is stunning.

  • Nitro

    “… Besides, the finishes in the Giro are really Italian” – Quote of the day…

    • Paolo

      Would be strange if they would be french…

    • Dave

      Makes you wonder why his Swiss team couldn’t get him over the line last night though!

  • Derek Maher

    Loved watching the Tour of the Fyords on Euro Sport.The weather was dreadful the roads narrow but the riders stuck to the task.
    Kristoff still has the form in his legs for that final sprint.
    That video clip on climbing on compact 50/34 with a 11-30T cassette or 53/39 with a 11-25T cassette brought back memories of my old pulse meter being stuck in the red zone.Now if the rider had used a steel framed bike it would have been perfect.Fair dues to him for making this available,Loved it.
    Looking forward to todays mountain finish in the Giro after yesterdays high speed race.
    Regarding Tinkov joining Jim in looking for a reduced Peteton the only thing I can agree on is the crazy amount of street furniture one needs to negotiate these days plus those lethal yellow road markings that town managers love to have painted on tight spots.A dash of rain and you tend to part company with your expensive machine.


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