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  • Jaybo

    looks like a cracking course, unfortunate there’s no tv coverage of it. would love to watch even if it’s delayed and i have to download it from somewhere :(

    • Jessi Braverman

      It is unfortunate there is not TV coverage; however, I have to say that there has been TONS of great content coming out of this race – which is more than I can say for most women’s races. While I think TV coverage is a critical component to progressing the sport, I also want to applaud this race and the media for the coverage we are getting.

      Have you seen this? Official race highlights video:

      • Jaybo

        that page rocks actually, nice clear data layout and easy to find the right things you’re after, unfortunately the highlights video stops about 15 seconds in and there’s no clear way to restart it, will try again in the morning and see how i go.

        it looks really promising though, if they could sort out the last few technical details it would be an amazing portal of data.

        thanks for the link!


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