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  • editor

    “The Spanish Tinkoff Saxo rider ended the day five minutes 15 seconds ahead of Aru and six minutes five seconds up on Aru.”

    • Shane Stokes

      Thanks! Fixed now

  • Barney Rubble

    I wonder what those who thought it was perfectly fine to attack Contador when he punctured yesterday think of today’s stage. As Robert Millar said, if you are going to land the low blows you better be prepared for the response, especially from riders better than you.

  • Paolo

    Awesome Giro. Old school all-gloves-off battle between Astana and Contador, but i have no doubt Contador will come out on top again. You better not piss of one of the best GT riders in history. He might pay for it come July, but the Giro is “spectacolare”

  • sli1

    Contador’s response to Landa’s bad luck seems fair enough after what was done to him. Will be interesting if either of them have any punctures or mechanicals in the last few days.


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