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  • Derek Maher

    Todays stage sure tested the GC guys and some Teams.Alberto was the man when it came to the GC race,Aru is showing signs of fatigue,Perhaps its his very light weight and the wet conditions.Plus his lack of racing this season.Sky as a team are not showing a lot of promise and Riche seemed to have less support than Alberto had from his Tinkoff/Saxo team in the final 40k of the stage.If the weather does not pick up we could see some teams supporting new guys.Philippe rode to an excellent victory on that uphill finish.

  • Tobi

    I love this site. But I find posting the entire results under the articles quite unneccessary. Perhaps, top ten results and a drop-down button would do the job?

    • Chris Andrews

      Why limit the amount of info on hand? It’s not as if they’re wasting paper? I personally like having the full results as I scan for how the kiwis did etc…

      • We’ve had quite a few people say that they’d rather not see 10 scrolling pages of the entire results underneath the reports, just to get to the comments (especially on mobile). What we’re trying out is putting the top 25, and you can click “view full results” to see them all.

        Let us know what you think.

        • Dave

          Top 25 seems like a good balance to me.

        • JasonM

          hey that’s good. I like that feature.

        • Tobi

          I like it. Even better than the top 10 I suggested I have to admit.

      • Dave

        I am particularly enjoying how the Brits are going in this edition of the Giro :D

  • Bracksy

    Is Aru possibly the ugliest looking guy riding in the pro peloton? Good on Contador for putting on a show. He’s got this!

    • Adam

      Surely Boem from Bardiani is a candidate.

    • chiwode

      bet his orgasm face is hilarious. his girlfriend must think she’s sleeping with a cartoon.

      • Sumodog

        On a positive side he certainly has more brain than you …

        • Rex

          Yeah his tactics have been flawless so far.

        • chiwode

          oh, lighten up.

    • krashdavage

      I presume he’s there to ride his bike. How’s your face game Bracksy?

      • Bracksy

        What’s a game face? I just spend hours sitting in front of a monitor and pretending to be cool.


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