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  • Robert Merkel

    Inrng tweeted a link to an Italian website stating Porte will withdraw from the Giro:


    If so, expecting lots of claims that Porte can’t ride a three-week Tour for GC. That may or may not be the case, but I don’t think you can draw that conclusion based on this Giro. He looked fine until his crash.

    • Nick Liau

      It’s still unknown though – he has looked good in the past before, only to blow up on one stage or another. It’s not enough to look good on most stages, you’ve got to go a whole tour without putting a foot wrong.

      • Clinton McMurray

        Is that what’s happened here though? Blown up? He didn’t warm down after the crash, saying his hip and knee were bad. He hasn’t ridden well since. If it is a knee problem then he’d be mad to continue through the mountains.

        • Nick Liau

          No, that was out of his control. My point is that one and a half good weeks still isn’t enough to say that he’ll be fine in a grand tour.

          • Clinton McMurray

            I see. And, I agree. If he stays fit and continues in his recent form I hope he gets another shot as leader for a grand tour.

    • Daniel

      It will be a shame if that’s what is taken away from it. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for him to keep racing. He’s been in top form for a long time now. He’s better off pulling the plug and getting an extra week’s rest before gearing up for the Tour, particularly if he’s injured. He can’t try to recover then go balls deep for a stage win. Sky have two stages. If they come away with the points classification, they can surely call it a successfully salvaged race. They don’t need to prove anything by keeping Porte there.

      • Dave

        It’s all academic now that he has withdrawn due to non-specific injuries, but the opportunity was there for Porte to prove to himself that he does have the stones to keep fighting right through to the end.

        It wouldn’t have seen much fruit in terms of the race result (though he was still in the top 30) but it would have come in handy if/when he next leads the team in a big race and he needs to regroup after a day where things didn’t go so well.

    • Arfy

      I agree you can’t write Porte off based on this Giro, he just can’t take a trick the past few days. Sky should get him ready for TDF and then we can assess how he goes for the full three weeks. The question now is, who gets the RV?

      • Dave

        I think the opposite – Sky should tell him he needs to HTFU and finish the race if he wants to still have a job in a week’s time.

        He’ll be so much psychologically stronger for it if he can finish the race and hold his head high during the third week, and perhaps in a place to skip the Tour and have another go at leading the team at the Vuelta.

        • Clinton McMurray

          Good plan. Risk further injury in order to look hard, and stuff up the rest of the year’s race schedule.

        • Clinton McMurray

          From his statement “I just wanted to keep trying and give it everything but now the medical team have advised me not to continue”. Going against the advice of the medical team would be a dumb move and certainly not ‘hard’.

  • smw

    Porte – what a mess – abandons after loosing 27 minutes – what an insult to the race especially as a favourite- HTFU and ride a domestic role for your team mates

    • awesometown

      That’s an idiotic statement. Stop quoting velominati and ride your bike, fred-boy.


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