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  • Derek Maher

    Smart move by Riche in cutting his losses.My advice while age is still on his side is find another Team for next season.

    • WillR

      Why find another team? He is being given plenty of opportunity at Sky and is perceived as their No.2 rider and he’s probably on £1.5m a year.

      • Hamish Moffatt

        Plenty of opportunity would mean having a good team around him, as he was for Froome and Wiggins.

      • Adrian M

        Think it might be optimistic that he remains No 2. Wiggo wins Tour but is not back to defend. Sky is defined by ruthless pragmatism and if a better option is there (Konig?) then there is no sentiment. He had a chance, it didn’t happen or he didn’t take it. What happens in this years Tour will probably decide that, but at Sky I don’t think there’s a history of patience been shown so far. (Which is my understanding of why the Yates’ twins went to OGE and not Sky.)

        • Clinton McMurray

          Think it’s possible that he’ll be past over for Konig or someone else but not likely as long as he’s fit. His form was blistering before the drama of the last week. Didn’t try to take his chance? I think he did. It didn’t happen but I can’t see why you think he didn’t take it. I don’t think it optimistic is the right word for expecting the status quo.

    • Daniel

      To where should he go? At Sky he will probably get another crack at the Giro and will go into the Tour as their number 2. He has huge support at stage races.
      OGE doesn’t have a GC team yet. It’s budget is limited and would and should keep putting it’s resources into the niche its found.
      Astana, Movistar, and Tinkoff are flushed with GC talent. BMC is a maybe but word is that they will be leaning out, not investing in new and expensive GC guys. Maybe Garmin, maybe Lotto NL Jumbo, if they can afford him, but he wouldn’t have the same support there. IAM, perhaps. If he went with Ettix he would find himself in Uran’s place: a GC rider in a non-GC team.
      I just can’t see where he could go where we would do better, either financially or in terms of team support.

    • Dave

      Good point – he’s 30 and should be close to the peak of his career, if anything it’s probably a bit late to be selling himself to other teams on the basis of future potential.

      He will probably find in August this year that the interested WorldTeams will be interested in him as a domestique for the big races and a rider to show the colours at the front in some of the minor races – Etixx would be a good fit, he would help up their presence in the one week races and support Kwiatkowski well for the Giro next year.

  • Whippet

    In addition to the ‘pull’ factors of other teams offering contracts (Etixx-QS & BMC), there is also the ‘push’ factor of Sky bringing in Kwiatkowski. In the short term, BMC looks better. The team’s future isn’t clear, however, so they are only offering 1 year contracts. I don’t think TVG is leaving, so the issue of dual leaders is there as well. Etixx-QS can offer a better contract, but as Daniel points out, Porte might not get the same level of support for GC there. If Uran leaves, Porte would be the sole GC leader though.

    Why would Porte leave Sky? Because he will be the no. 3 rider with a lower salary if he stays. That is assuming Sky offer to resign him. Porte has already publicly stated he has offers from other teams (but not from Sky). That sounds like code for “I’m now on the open market”.

  • alexroseinnes

    Strange, not a mark on him after that crash. His TT effort reminds me of his spectacular blow-up at the TdF last year when he lost 8 minutes to Nibali on stage 13. And again in 2013 when he lost he lost 18 minutes on stage 8 after being in second place to Froome.

    • alexroseinnes

      His contract bargaining power just took a huge hit. All but confirmed that whilst he’s a great one-week rider, he doesn’t have the ability to win over three weeks.

      • Clinton McMurray

        Are you saying he is not in fact injured? Big call. He obviously did fall on his hip and knee, that is not in question. He also skipped the warm down after the stage saying his hip and knee were hurting. Was it an elaborate plan to have a way out days in advance? That would be a big call too (amounting to calling him a liar). Prior to that where had he lost time? On the TTT and the mechanical. Can hardly be blamed for either of those entirely. Would he have kept up in the third week? We’ll never know, but he did look to be in good form. So in this case, I don’t think you can claim much about ability, if anything.

    • Clinton McMurray

      Low speed crashes often don’t leave much in the way of marks but can still jar you up big. Sit on you bike, clip in,remain stationary, and simply lean until you are horizontal. Did that hurt? No? Well it might tomorrow.

    • Nath

      You are obviously quite lucky and have little personal experience with crashes. Often the worst crashes from an injury point of view are low speed falls that leave little outward signs. High pace crashes often see skin off etc, but the actual impact on racing is literally skin deep, whereas impact injuries can be debilitating and may not even show obvious external bruising. Perhaps you could give Porte benefit of the doubt rather than jumping to illogical conclusions?


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