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  • PlodrPete

    Great article Jack, keep them coming. I like the way that in a pretty sparse kitchen, there are three ways to brew coffee. What no yeast extract spread? Good luck with the continued recovery and the last half of the season.

    • Jack Haig

      haha, yep its an essentially part of the day. Unfortunately no vegemite, I will have to go steal some of the small packets that are kept at the ETC

  • tomness

    I would go with Nice Jack. I love it there. It has great food and climate. The Mediterranean is awesome for post ride recovery swims. It has an international airport and the scenery is fantastic. Then there is the riding. The Grande Corniche up to La turbie has some stunning views. You can ride about 30km to get to the start of the Col de Madone and if you head about 30km inland there are numerous mountains 1000m or more high to tackle. Plus you can just pop over the border to Italy if you have a hankering for Italian food or culture.

    Having said that I have only passed through Girona on a train, so I don’t know what it is like. It must suck to have to make these tough decisions.

    • Jack Haig

      I am actually leaning towards Nice, because of all the points to raise. Living next to the water (Mediterranean) is a big draw card as well as having an airport so close makes travel easy. But i will have to wait and see what Girona is like, it could be that its easier to live there being with GreenEdge because a lot of the staff and riders are there as well. I am planning on writing about it in the next update

      • tomness

        Having Greenedge support at Girona would be a massive plus for going to Girona. Either way I am sure it will be great.
        If you do go with Nice I really like the area around the port. Not so many tourists and there are a few tiny little bays that in my view are nicer for swimming than the Promenade. I would try and get a flat within walking distance to the beach. Generally as you get further from the beach the areas get a bit rougher, with the exception of the areas higher up (i.e. around the Matisse museum etc).
        Good luck with it all.

  • CC

    Thanks Jack – I reckon you raise a great topic re: Weight loss, seems like such a dicey subject for cyclists. I wonder how many crew are malnourished, both casual riders and pros. I think I have a coat hanger than looks better feed than Steven Kruijswijk…

  • Gavin Adkins

    Isn’t it funny how these talented young men, Jack Haig and Oscar Stevenson, have obviously had some bad luck and sustained quite serious injuries in crashes in the early stages of their experiences racing in Europe with an AIS development team, but if they were female riders in the same situation Martin Barras would attribute the crashes and subsequent injuries to “poor skills and inadequate preparation” necessitating an experimental selection camp.

  • I can relate because I took a major spill last summer that sidelined my cycling for 6 months – just getting back to the road now…. Super Amino 23 is an awesome healer if you are looking for rapid healing… can’t take the chiropractor out of the man so always looking for strong nutritionals…

  • Abdu

    Jack, hope Vis (physio at ETC) doesn’t hurt that hip too much, the big bloke doesn’t always realise his strength…

  • Allez Rouleur

    10 hours of driving for 500 m of cycling. That sounds awful!

    Nice article, heal up! A contract with OGE for next year, wow! Congratulations.


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