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  • wheldo

    Great update Jack – no fun to hear regarding the stacks, think I caught some of that on your Strava. Sounds like you’re doing it tough, but surely the weather is only going to improve for you over in Europe – think of us here as the temperatures drop. Maybe an update on how you guys are ‘treated’ or dealt with post crash/injury; not just in terms of physically but also seeing sports psychologists etc. All the best with a speedy recovery, less time ‘waiting’ and some more exploring around your new home.

  • Bob

    Great update – the best apart about it is the honesty. It feel real. Well done.

  • Karl

    Great write up Jack. The crashes and wrong turn suck. On the up side – if bad things come in threes, you’ve got yours out of the way early in the season.

  • lefthandside

    Chin up, glad to hear you’re not too badly hurt

  • david__g

    Really good stuff, Jack. Hope the rest of the season is more of an upward trajectory. Also nice to hear of a rival team lending you a bike – that’s what cycling’s about.

  • Jack Haig

    Thanks everyone for the kind words, as well as encouragement.


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