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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
  • Jense, always straight forward!

  • Frederick Trawick

    They need to give him a dollar for every shut up legs product, lol.

  • Jbal Colgate

    dont hate the player, hate the game Jens! Its not bad that they have oil companies behind them and can pay salaries of appx 30 European riders, who otherwise would be unemployed

    • Lach

      I think you’ll find he is doing exactly that. The game where the governing body cannot enforce its rules due to team owners (the player) being able to buy their way out.. which in turn affects cycling as a whole (the larger picture, also known as the game)

      • Jbal Colgate

        you must agree its better with these teams rather then without them.. Who would benefit from absence of 2 pro teams in world tour? Who would take their place?? What about 100 mechanics, sojourners and masseus? So what they got money, let them spread it around!

  • Lounge

    I got the chance to ride with Jens on the last day of the Tour de Cure Signature Tour into Melbourne. Absolutely fabulous guy with a great sense of humour and incredibly personable. Had a really good chat with him about becoming a DS and I really wish him all success with the next part of his career!! And Jens, if you’re reading this, wiiiiide bars are where it is at!!

  • SeanMcCuen

    thanks for the honesty, Jens.

  • Paul N

    ‘do you know what, honey? I think I should go for a two hour bike ride now, just because,’
    I yearn for a day like that….especially on an afteroon like the one in Melbourne today.

  • Nitro

    The Jensie – what a legend…

    Was lucky enough to shake the great mans hand at the start of the Otway Classic ride in March…

    Did I feel like an over-excited teenager when I asked him to sign my (Trek) frame? Absolutely.

    Have I considered now retiring the bike, hanging it on the wall and admiring it forever? You bet…

  • Great Interview with Jensie! Thanks.


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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017