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  • awe

    Amazing stuff. Good luck to her

  • Pete23

    She could hit up Helen Skelton for some advice – although she only went part way by bike. http://road.cc/content/news/50959-blue-peters-helen-skelton-becomes-first-person-reach-south-pole-bicycle

    looks like an awesome journey – hope it all works out -looking forward to the write up

  • Simone Giuliani

    To get the ball rolling I’ll fill you in on my dream cycling adventure. I would like to cycle through the dense rainforest of the Daintree in northern Queensland, where views of the Great Barrier Reef unfold as you crest the climbs. Hopefully I’ll spot a cassowary or maybe even a tree kangaroo as I ride the thin winding sealed road from the Daintree River to Cape Tribulation. Then it will be on to the Bloomfield Track, a 4WD track that goes to Cooktown past isolated beaches, waterfalls and the small Aboriginal community of Wujal Wujal. There are extremely steep climbs and river crossings, where I will not be lingering no matter how hot it is as this is crocodile country.

  • elle

    I have so many dream cycle adventures there is no way I could pick just one because I hope to do them all one day! – one would start in Japan cycling down through China into Vietnam through Cambodia and then up into Laos. Another one would traverse Scandinavia – starting in Finland across to Sweden, down through Denmark to Norway and then finishing in Iceland! Then there is the epic Alaska to South America cycle adventure. And of course to cycle around my island home state of Tasmania!

    • Simone Giuliani

      Congratulations Elle and thanks for sharing your dream cycling adventures – picking one is definitely a tough ask with options like that. You have two tickets to go and see Kate Leeming speak. Please email your details to simone.giuliani@cyclingtips.com.au so we can have the tickets waiting at the door at your preferred venue. Be quick if it is Hobart, as this is the first stop on her speaking tour.

    • Winky

      I cycle toured Tasmania many years ago. Amazing experience. Wonderful, friendly generous people and fantastic riding. Fully loaded, 2600km, over half my time on gravel. Not a single flat or mechanical. Just wonderful. Photos here for those interested….


  • Winky

    Long distance cycle journeys must always start and end in places whose names share the same first letter. Capetown to Cairo, Beijing to Brighton, Penrith to Perth, Dar es Salaam to Dakar, Prudhoe Bay to Patagonia etc…

  • Winky

    They look like incredible journeys, but how does Kate fund the travel? I’m guessing real tennis professionals aren’t in terribly high demand.

    • Simone Giuliani

      Sponsorship is crucial, not only to fund the trip but the other elements, such as the education programmes.

  • Simone Giuliani

    Don’t forget to tell us your dream travel adventure by 5 pm (AEST) to win the double pass and make sure you check the comments after then to see if you have won.

  • nick

    Already had my cycling adventures, now getting a bit long in the tooth, and they are like Sunday picnics compared to Kate’s epic rides! I’ve read Kate’s ‘Out There & Back’ .. What an inspiration she is. Best of luck for Antartica, looking forward to the next book and take care, I imagine it could be fairly unforgiving down there!



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