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  • Derek Maher

    Great ride by Alberto to regain the Pink Jersy.Aru looked very frail today and seemed to lack power in his legs.Of course he is very light and maybe lacks strength for this type of TT.Tomorrows stage is heading upwards and maybe Mikel Landa was saving himself a bit for the climbs.Sky got the stage win with Vasil Kiryienka who avoided that headwind the GC contenders had to face.I would think Richie is fed up at this stage and is probably wishing the Giro was over.

  • jakub

    Contador showed his absolute class today. His mental and physical toughness is unbelievable. Considering he was almost on the way home after crash, then yesterday crashed again – his performances are breathtaking. This is what makes great champions.

  • Dave

    So, looks like we can put that ‘Porte can ride for more than a week’ myth back on the shelf for another year.

    Even without the penalty, he still lost 6:30 to Contador through the second week, including four minutes in the ITT where the script said he was to pick up time.

    Team Sky at least have a few options now, they can ride to support Viviani for the points lead and for stage wins from König and Nieve.

    • John James

      Looks that way sadly. He was hit by some bad look but his performance in that tt was poor. Given the amount of 1 week stage races he has one it is clearly not the legs that are at fault.

      • Deniz

        bad luck and he messed up his knee in the crash prior to the TT..

        • JoshLyons

          Pedal over to CyclingWeekly (co.uk) and check the article ‘Richie Porte may quit Giro’ and look at the 3rd picture in that article. Richie said after the TT that his “left knee and hip” got injured in the crash yesterday – but have a good look at that 3rd picture and check the injuries. You might be surprised.

          • Ant

            No abrasions but maybe he landed awkwardly and strained ligaments / tendons? He was taking it pretty easy riding his team mate’s bike after the crash. May well have been due to soreness.

          • Jessy Vee

            If the crash was bad enough for a bike change and for him to candidly tell his mechanic “my knee is f*cked” after the stage finish, I think we can put two and two together without the need for seeing ripped knicks and blood all over him. So those pictures prove nothing really.

          • jules
      • slartiblartfast

        Sky should return the RV now.

        • CC

          I wonder whether the RV has been a marginal gain over this tour.. You’d think sharing a room with someone helps a lot with morale…

          • Michele

            That is a very good point.

            I am sure there are some [obvious] gains through using the RV. But there are also some [obvious] losses in doing so. The question is, are the pros greater than the cons? And would this ratio differ between riders because of their different personalities?

            Let’s see if Froome uses one at the TdF. That might provide some insight into what Sky now think.

            As an aside; I don’t think Sky would’ve tried this at the TdF with Froome without testing it somewhere else. That might indicate that they don’t know.

          • Jessy Vee

            The leader will always room alone in a grand tour. 9 guys = 4x pairs + one leader. Realistically it shouldn’t matter much for morale whether he is sleeping in a room by himself or an RV by himself, because they all still eat together.

            • A

              Great arithmetic… except not just riders on a team…

              • Jessy Vee

                I could be wrong (please interrupt me if you have different information, A) but due to the different daily routines of support personel, I’m not sure riders share rooms with team managers/mechanics/swannies, etc. I’m not going to go through my internet history to find the one interview that said ‘Richie would have a room to himself anyway’, but I know it was documented in Bradley Wiggins’ book ‘My Time’, so I’ll take a leap of faith and assume it’s the same for Porte this year.

                • Sean Doyle

                  You are correct and Brailsford said as much that they’d all eat together etc. and the leader would then wander up to his room by himself. Just mean no disturbances from other hotel guest.

                  Stop being a voice of reasonable thinking Jessy. It’s not warranted on the internet. ;-)

              • Ben Greeve

                The rest of the team likely lives to a different schedule so mixing the support crew with riders would end badly.

            • Dave

              Jessy, in 2013 Froome had Porte rooming with him.

        • jules

          my tip is they lose their bond after rental company finds wheel from OGE’s camper on it

    • Adam Fuller

      Yep, as soon as they hit those flat sections in week 2 Richie was straight out the back.

  • Sean Moran

    I like Richie, and I hope that 1 day he can win a Grand Tour. However, I think sometimes you have to weigh your options and say – I’m going to concentrate on 1-2 week races and TT’s and be option 2 or first lieutenant on the road in the grand tours. Then just rock the hell out of ALL those races. Personally – from a financial, UCI point base, and reputation standpoint – be the most feared 1-2 week stage racer there is in the World. Win those races so often people get bored writing about another win. Be that rather than a mediocre grand tour racer.

  • JoshLyons

    Here it is…you can clearly see who is injured and almost can’t stand – and who is not.

    • #Whammy

      And who would that be?

    • Michele

      Yeah that’s put it beyond doubt.

      I was touring a few years ago, came of my bike at all of 10 km/h and landed on my left knee. Not a mark on the knee; was a little bit sore.

      Got up and rode the remaining 60 kms without any difficulties. That night my knee started to get sore and there was minute swelling, but no bruising.

      In the morning I was in a long of pain and really struggled to bend the knee. Again, there was a only a bit of swelling, but no bruising, nor graze marks.

      Riding that day was extremely hard, and even though the knee did warm up, I really struggled: couldn’t even get out of the saddle to ride.

      This went on for a week – some minor bruising on day 4 or 5. Not a huge amount of swelling.

      Went to get some physio, they suggested an x-ray to be sure all is okay. Found I had a slight fracture in the patella.

      Moral: photos like this can mean jack.

      • Wish I was on the bike…

        Yep, the photo shows little except 2 x Sky and 2x OGE, all with front wheels in place ;-)
        Sad to see RP lose the time, yet his recent form tells us he is a classy rider. Chin up Ritchie!

  • Senor Burns

    Don’t give up those GT ambitions Richie. As was said on SBS CC’s coverage, many said Cadel would never win the TDF, but he did so eventually. Granted the comparison is not perfect but he has been flying since January which suggests a more gradual build up, without the pressure to win races before the target race, then be expected to fulfil domestique duties later, may deliver him the GT success he is chasing. A change in team will probably be necessary for that, if he maintains the dream. if not, you could do far far worse than be the champion he is now in what is probably the best team in the world. Either way the bad luck of the last few days has been too much to handle, which is completely understandable.

  • Paolo

    The GT Boss is back in control! They don’t come tougher than the Contador, the real hard man of the peloton. What to say about Sky; “marginal gains, massive losses”?

    • Il_falcone

      “marginal gains, massive losses”

  • Jessy Vee

    It’s so easy to make assumptions based on the little information that we receive as spectators. What we do know is often tainted and twisted by media releases and statements from team spokespersons. In reality, we know nothing, so I don’t understand why people are so quick to judge, demonise, demorilise and jump to conclusions from misinformation. Was Contador making more of his shoulder injury than he actually felt? Is Aru up to it? Was he really ill from bad food the other day? Was Richie injured in the fall? Who knows? Is he sick? Who knows. Is he even able to ride a three week grand tour? Who knows – he hasn’t even had a proper run at it, yet.

    If you look at his history, this is the first time he’s been given the chance to arrive at a Grand Tour as the sole leader, well trained and well rested, and one might argue that the team that came with him were not the best suited to support him. He rode a great first week – matching the other’s attacks on terrain that is usually harder for him (he prefers longer climbs than steep punchy hills) and was really well placed. Is he too nice – is he missing the ‘grr’ to win a grand tour? Who knows…? Well, maybe the hundreds of armchair critics know, but I don’t. All I know is that Richie (and Uran, and the Shlecks, and Cadel, etc) are not robots. They’ll have bad days. I don’t know why we expect anything different when it’s far more likely to expect the unlikely in a bicycle race. I don’t know why we’re all so quick to expect Porte to win – maybe we’re so expecting of team Sky after back-to-back wins at the Tour; they say they’ll win, and they dominate (except for last year… but we’ll forget about that, hey?). But in each of those cases, ALL of Team Sky’s resources have been thrown at those attempts. I don’t think that’s the case with the Giro this year.

    I feel bad for Richie and his bad luck this week, but I don’t think it’s indicative of his failings as a Grand Tour rider. We’re all for ‘mateship’ and ‘supporting the underdog’ but what about ‘give him a break’? He’s got a few years left to find his place in a Grand Tour. :)

    • CB

      +1. Well said.

    • Sean Doyle

      Fully agree Jessy. Personally I don’t think he’s learned the grrrr needed to push through though. He doesn’t seem to have the mongrel in him. He’s still got time on his side though and this is his first time as GT leader. Very few get it right first go round.

      It’s seems Porte was fairly injured in that crash and was in pain in the TT.

  • Bracksy

    This is why Contador is a GT champion. Funny how everybody thought Nibali could have beaten him if Contador was still riding last year’s TDF. What an absolute crock of excrement. Watch Nibali get hammered this year.

    • jules

      are you gonna put your money where your mouth is?

      • Sean Doyle

        No his foot is in the way!

        I do think Bertie will smack down Nibali though.

      • Bracksy

        Are you suggesting that I give 10 lucky CT’ers Campy Boras if Nibali beats Contador?

        • Sean Doyle

          I’ll be in that. I’ll be looking for some new wheels in about ten years time.

  • pervertt

    Good to see some of the glory go to hard workers like Kiryienka. He needs to work on his smile though.


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