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  • Derek Maher

    Great ride by Alberto to get back on after his puncture.In fact the way I saw it Team Katusha attacked Alberto off the descent with Astana chasing them in a second group and Alberto chasing in a third group. It was like a series of group TTs.On the big climb Aru cracked and held Landa back giving Alberto time to catch them.Landa is the best rider for Astana in this Giro and looks like the only rider who can make Alberto rise a sweat for the win.

    • bikefreek

      We’d have to go back to the tape but I think Katusha attacked at the start of the descent with everyone else chasing. It wasnt until Contador had a problem that Astana came to the front to drive home the nail. Poor form!

  • Olly (Russia)

    KRUIJSWIJK, the moral winner today. Poor form from Astana, which is not surprising considering their history and reputation. Attacking like that just shows they’re somewhat desperate and out of ideas tactically.

    • jules

      Astana have nothing to protect by holding back from attacking a mechanically disabled rival – are they going to win any admiration? no. you may as well go all in.

      • Macadam

        I only tuned in when Katusha were already on the attack, but Astana could justifiably say they were just defending against Trofimov and had to chase hard. Once they caught Katusha is gets a little more grey, but I suppose since they’re already going full gas, they’re not obliged to slow down just because a rival has an issue?

        • Dave


          The issue delaying Contador was not a case of outside interference, but a normal racing incident and one which Contador could have avoided by riding up the front.

          • Ollly (Russia)

            These sophisticated analyses are hilarious! You make this old Russian happy like 2 bottles of our finest vodka, which is very hard to come by here on holiday in Italy with my hobby sports team.

    • Dave

      You sound like you’re stuck in the bad old days when a rider had to ask Eddy’s permission before going on the attack.

      I’m no Astana fan, but I didn’t see anything wrong with them attacking the race leader last night. It’s not like they exploited any external interference such as tacks on the road or a closed level crossing.

  • Gee

    Contador: “I had a puncture on the descent, Ivan Basso gave me a wheel”
    Did Basso give Contador two minutes worth of wheel or did he mean that Basso paced him back on?

    • Warwick

      Basso is on the same team as Contador, so no problem swapping wheels

      • Gee

        My mistake, I still had him in my head as Cannondale. Despite the merger and the Liquigas team not existing or being part of this years Giro….
        Well played brain you and your hitman early onset Dementia win this round.

        • Warwick

          haha some riders just seem iconic with certain teams, I always picture Basso as on Liquigas too. Still not used to Sagan being on Tinkoff-Saxo either

    • Dave

      Exactly my thoughts, I also heard he uses old school cabled gears to save his battery for his motors.

  • CC

    Incredible stage, loved it.

  • jules

    epic! damn you early morning training sessions and having to go to bed early

  • Dave

    Quite a boring stage really, roll on the tour de france.

  • Abdu

    At 2 min 20 seconds Aru cries like a child, and somewhere a large Kiwi cyclist laughs hysterically.
    Aint karma a bitch.

  • Paolo

    Landa could have at least pretended to be trying instead of wiping of some annoying bits of sweat while Aru is fighting with his bike behind him and than having a little snack while sitting on AC wheel up the Mortirolo. Be aware Alberto, 4mins might not be enough against a Landa let loose.


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