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August 22, 2017
August 21, 2017
August 20, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
  • Simon

    So apart from the seatpost area where to my eye it doesn’t flow neatly into the frame because of that tail design, it’s a nice looking bike. In gloss red it would be perfect. I also like that they’ve used more relaxed angles with a reasonable HT length for the not so flexible. This will give better comfort for longer rides ime.

    • Indeed. An aero seatpost would look really nice. But they’re sometimes impractical for fastening tail lights, adjusting/fastening properly or simply replacing.

    • Cam

      Reminds me of the old Giant TCR’s

  • pedr09

    That’s a handsome bike. Shame about the seatpost.

  • Arfy

    While I understand that they probably want to bring attention to their entry-level Aircode, it’s a bit disappointing they didn’t set you up on the high-end version. I imagine you’d have more to write about if they did.

  • Steel

    It seems like the Kammtail profile is quickly becoming the tube shape of choice for many of the bike makers for aero frames.

    While I’m not fussy about the look of bikes, I’ve never really been taken by the full tear drop shapes like the Cervelo S3 or Giant Propel.

    The Foil, Madone and this thing are more like the aero bike you ride, when you don’t want to ride an aero bike.

    • Kayrehn

      Being the owner of a Madone 7, I’m naturally biased, but my opinion is that the kammtail tube profile will probably handle water bottles better on the frame instead of having the bottles sticking out badly on sharp-edge tear drop profiles, can’t imagine that being good for aerodynamics in the latter case.

  • SeanMcCuen

    solid bike, paint scheme looks like an afterthought, though.

  • Marcus

    Lovely bike, but yes, the seatpost looks a bit odd.

    One point – is it possible to get stack and reach sizes included for your reviews? It seems to be by far the easiest way of comparing the fit/aggressiveness of various frames.

    • Stack and reach are enormously helpful but unfortunately neither are routinely supplied by manufacturers. And while it can be measured directly for the test bike, without a dedicated jig, it is difficult to measure with millimeter accuracy.

    • Don Cafferty

      The geometry can be found at http://www.lapierrebicycles.com/bikes-road-race-aircode-700 The size XSmall and Small are only 5mm different in both their stack and reach. The XSmall might not be the satisfactory for the smallest cyclists. There are larger differences in the other sizes. For the smallest 2 sizes, it is not an overly aggressive geometry, neither overly long nor overly low. There is a fairly large jump in stack height from the size Small to the size Medium which could cause consternation for those deciding between those sizes. I would have no difficulty with the geometry in the XSmall or Small.

  • velocite

    Surely an aero frame deserves aero wheels?

  • donncha

    Ahh, the “promise of improved aerodynamics”. I’m always wary of manufacturers producing a so-called aero bike without any actual data to back up their claims. Canyon did this with their first Aeroad and when it was actually tested it turned out not to be very aero at all. Obvious flaws on this bike are the large gap between the front wheel and the downtube, large gap with the rear wheel cutout and the sloping top tube. It may be a nice bike to ride, but it’s probably not very aero at all.

    • In the absence of an accepted benchmark, there is no firm definition for aerodynamic performance. Compared to a conventional frame with round tubes and a square fork crown, the Aircode may be exceptional, but Cervelo’s P5? Wouldn’t it be cool to have an energy consumption rating for bikes?

  • purpletezza

    The red Ultimate frame is on my “next bike list” for no other reason than it is RED. http://www.lapierrebikes.com.au/2015/bikes-road-race/aircode-900 , but would probably buy as a frameset and spec it up myself. It is a pity that not many bike manufacturers use uncomplicated paint jobs.

  • Jayson De Senneville

    Pretty much nailed it with the review, I am on a 49cm and you got it just right, I have Zipp 202’s in and yummo,
    The yellow is hard to clean but Good old Finish Line Bike polish does the trick.

  • AMK

    Can anyone tell me how to wrap bar tape like that?

  • bikebarian

    Size 55, bought it 2 days ago

    • dgd

      I am thinking of the 55cm, but not near a shop to try it out. Could you assist with your height and inseam for sizing comparison?

      Additionally, your seat appears very far forward on the rails?

      • bikebarian

        Yes, my position is like Adam Hansen’s but this is from Retul fitter and I feel great in it. I am 188 cm height and my insame is 89 cm. Saddle height (center bb to top of the saddle) is 798 mm. This bike is pretty long for 55 cm seat tube (top tube is 570 mm) compared to other manufacturer so you can go to smaller size. Hope to help you.

        • bikebarian

          by the way, the biggest advantage of this bike is that there is no aero seatpost because this way you can replace it with profile design tt seat post also put aero bars and with this wheels you have tt bike…2 in 1! ;)

          • dgd

            Much appreciated!

    • Riaan Jacobs

      Hi there BikeBarian. If you get this message, I emailed you with regards to the Giant TCR Advanced Pro Team that you are selling. Please contact me on +27743503552

  • kelvynoke

    lapierre aircode 300 vs giant propel advanced 1 2016 which one is much better??


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August 22, 2017
August 21, 2017
August 20, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017