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  • Batman

    How many times a day does Shane Stokes get asked if hes Christian Bale?

  • Marc Evans

    Interesting write up. As a Type 1 diabetic myself who now follows the LCHF/Ketogenic way of eating, I find balancing the training/insulin/fueling much much easier, and I wonder, with Ketones becoming more and more popular within endurance training/racing in general, if any of Novo nordisk’s team are on a ketogenic diet. I did ask them on twitter but had no reply. I think politically and commercially its in the interest of diabetic drug companies to keep peoples Blood Glucose control out of whack, so I doubt they would tel me even if they did.

    • jakub

      Low carbohydrate diet is impossible while racing (and doing high-intensity training also). You need sugar as fuel for such efforts.

  • Diabetes Activist

    I’m Type 1 50+ years and an avid cyclist. I am also ketogenic but occasionally carb up if riding extreme rides (no grains). I am friends with several of the Team Novo cyclists and know of at least one who is also ketogenic so it is very possible to do with the right guidance… keeping in mind that no matter what you consume it’s fat the body runs on so if you don’t have enough you are out of gas.

    • Diabetes Activist

      This is a great article


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