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  • Nitro

    Awesome photo. OGE’s in love with the Giro…

    • Dave

      The first few days at least.

      When the race gets serious we won’t have any idea of whether they are even still there.

      • Nitro

        I’d say that any stage of a grand tour is pretty serious…

        According to my calculations, there are 22 teams at the Giro. Just on the laws of statistics, most of them will go home completely empty handed…

        Whatever day it is, most teams would call a stage win / a day in the leaders jersey at a grand tour a pretty damn good thing…

        I say well done to the OGE boys…

      • They mightn’t be a factor in the GC but remember Pieter Weening won a stage last year after the first week and if you look at their line-up, they have quite a few options for stage wins. Weening again, Simon Clarke, Gerro of course, Matthews again, Chaves …

        And as Nitro says, the success they’ve had in the first three stages is more than most teams will achieve in the entire race. In fact, OGE has had more WorldTour victories in three days at this year’s Giro than Cannondale-Garmin, IAM Cycling, FDJ.fr and LottoNL-Jumbo combined for the entire season thus far.

  • CapeHorn

    “I don’t always win at the Giro, but when I do, I am already wearing Pink”?

    • FTFY.

      • CapeHorn

        I may have been referencing that, yes ;)

  • Kieran Degan

    Brilliant wrap up. Thanks :)

  • dahondude

    I’d like to hear Simon Clarke’s view on this…chased down by his own team when he was in a 3 man break and him just sitting on the wheels.

    • Nath

      He would be happy with the win because he is a professional with a job to do and he did that job to perfection.

    • My_Oath

      He was sitting on the wheels because he was waiting for his team. If they weren’t coming, he would have been working for the break to be successful. He is perfectly satisfied with the result.


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