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  • Kara Thrace

    Oh well. He could have swapped a wheel and be penalised with a time penalty or worse, removed his helmet mid-race…. hang on, that appears to be allowed. Who knows what this crazy UCI gets up to in its enforcement of rules and regulations.

    • Robert Merkel

      The UCI is not the MPCC.

      There’s plenty of unfortunate things in cycling we can hang on the UCI, but this isn’t one of them.

  • Jbal Colgate

    Screw that MPCC bullshit!

  • djdjd

    ALL THESE PRO-CONTINENTAL ITALIAN TEAMS LOVE EX-DOPERS AND DOPERS ALIKE. Just putting it out there in case people are surprised.

    I.E. Gatto I think was on the break today ? Anyway he’s been pretty aggressive at the front at an older age. I’d expect guys like Betancur to be in the break (which he’s been in-i think he wants the KOM jersey).

    I personally don’t have any problems with doping BTW. I want it legalized in every sport.

  • Derek Maher

    In the early days of the great stage races which made the present tours look like a sunday morning spin,Brandy and Caffine kept the guys going.
    Which was not suprising given the equipment and carrying of spare tyres and tubes with no team cars lack of gears and steel framed bikes.
    These days there is pressure on to make the races shorter so riders maybe able to handle 100K stages without being tempted to boost their bodies and to give the TV stations a decent looking bunch finish.The anti doping lobby is becoming big business so it is in their interests to keep the rumour mill spinning plus of course the Olympics have added to all the spin.A one day race every 4 years has been given far to much influence in our sport.
    The pro teams should try to stay clean and avoid the PC brigade .

    • John

      Don’t forget the cocaine in the early days… lots and lots of cocaine…


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