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  • Hyun-ji Song

    These were my first pair of sunglasses, as I had always used normal prescription glasses. They are amazing, I love how the field of view is unobstructed/larger near the top so I can still see when trying to be more aero, or when I’m staring at my stem.

    • Francis Tan

      how does it work with prescription?

      • Hyun-ji Song

        I’m using contact lenses. I believe they will release a lens that has a cut in for the prescription in the future, but not anytime soon (in Australia at least).

  • Duncan Miller

    Anyone else notice that the Prizm lenses make road grates and repair sections of bitumen look like they are anodised purple?

    • I haven’t noticed yet. I’ll take note of it though.

    • meh

      its because of the polarized…all polarized glass do that!

  • @dr_carl


    • Nitro

      Or maybe even #shutupandtakemymoneyonceagain

  • What about the fit, how do they compare with the Radarlock Paths , Halfjacket and Racing Jacket (Jawbones)? Also interested to know about visibility while cycling where the head is often tilted down making the frame of some glasses interrupt the field of view. How about fogging, can you provide some comparison with other models?

    • I’m coming from the Radarlock Paths and don’t notice a drastic difference in the fit except for the arm adjustments (that’s highly personal though). Of course the Jawbreakers are larger, but to be honest I don’t notice an uninterrupted field of view on either models. On both you can see the frame if you’re looking for it. I haven’t experienced any fogging and have ridden in some pretty damp conditions. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to ride in any hot and humid conditions.

  • steve

    wade, I’m sure it’s all cool, but it would be great if you can include a conflict of interest statement for these reviews (incl morgan blue/ oakleys etc). just so it’s on the record.

    • We have no commercial relationship with Oakley or Morgan Blue. Nobody paid for anything, nor was there an obligation for anything. What’s to disclose?

      • Nitro

        Sorry to read the implication that the “You guys are biased / you’re pumping the tyres of those who pay for reviews” comments continue.

        As I ponder a list of the sites I visit / print media I read, I struggle to think of anyone else who’s as diligent as you guys when it comes to calling out anything that could be remotely considered as a conflict of interest.

    • Halcyon Days

      Nothing against gay people, but that’s the gayest comment I’ve read in a long time.

      • Let’s face it, it’s probably not. Just prefacing it by saying ‘nothing against gay people’ doesn’t mean it’s okay to use ‘gay’ as an insult.

        • Samaway

          Well said

        • Halcyon Days

          Don’t mean to sound patronizing; you’re so, so very right.

          • Samaway

            Nice :) (I don’t mean to sound patronizing either, just happy with your reply.)

  • Cameron Fraser

    So what about those of us who need prescription glasses? Can prescription lenses be made for these?

    • Hubbard King

      I’ve heard that you can order a pair of RX’ed lenses from Oakley, but not sure if they are available in AUS. I’m pretty sure that you can order them to be cut to RX parameters in US. As a 4-eyed hubbard myself, I gave up and stick to a prescription clip.

      • Cameron Fraser

        Thanks…I’m in Canada so may have relatively easy access to the US option. That being said, what are you using as a clip. Haven’t had a set of prescription cycling glasses before so all suggestions welcome.

        • Hyun-ji Song

          Search “RX insert”.They’re little clips that go behind your glasses; as if you’re wearing a mini pair.

        • Hubbard King

          Oh, I was actually referring to the RX clips for Rudy Project. I gave up and moved to Rudy’s just because of the clips. Tried contacts but didn’t work for me. Rudy’s for the rest of my life.

          • Cameron Fraser

            Thanks…I have a Rudy Project helmet. If the glasses are half as comfortable I imagine I’d be very happy.

        • NY’er

          Rudy Project have plenty of options, including both clips and RX lenses. This page covers all the options: http://www.rudyproject.com/technology/prescription/
          The ImpactRX lenses aren’t available in all frames, but are fantastic (I have a pair in the Noyz)

      • Hyun-ji Song

        When I bought mine; they were not available in an RX clip nor were they cut into and inserted in the lense like radarlocks are, however I think I recall them saying that it will be available in the future. I ended up getting contacts just for these.

      • velocite

        I have progressive prescription lenses in my Rudy Projects, supplied by a US company called Sports Optical. Looking at these one-piece Oakley lenses I’d be surprised if this could be done for them, but I don’t actually know.

  • .: Son1ze :.

    Are you going to review the new Radar EVs?


    Tried to love the the Jawbreakers but even the Asian Fit version was a little too whack & goggle-like for my lack of a nose bridge and smaller face. The Radar EV (with narrower Prizm path lens of Asian Fit model) has got the added aero peripheral view & venting at the top of the lens like the Jawbreaker but with more of a Radarlock/M1/M2 swept back frameless look which I prefer.

    A RadarLOCK EV model would be ideal for quick lens changes but changing lens the old way wasn’t really ever a big deal for me anyhow. The truth of the matter is that the Prizm lens (Trail or Road) is so good though for most lighting conditions. You really only need to swap to a darker iridium lens on really bright days.

    • We have a set of Radar EV’s for review but haven’t had a chance to test them for any meaningful length of time. We’ll keep you posted.

      • .: Son1ze :.

        Sounds good Wade. I was on the fence about the EV looks at first because the design looked like a step back from the Radarlocks but having used them for a month now I personally like the fit/feel of the EVs better than my Radarlocks now. New style ventilation and coverage of the sweeping lens is a lot nicer as well. Extra bit of lens at the top center might not look like much but makes a huge difference for me. Looks-wise the angle and lines of the Radarlock earstocks still look more the business when paired with a pro helmet than the EV stems but the temple ventilation on the EV seems more functional so I really can’t complain. Frames also hold well in the vents of both my Lazer Helium and Giro Synthe. Again the Prizm lens is hard to beat as an all-rounder lens. It just works. No sure if it is possible but would be nice to see more variations of Prizm lens colours or coatings in the future… Also would be nice if they made more frame colours available in the Asian Fit models! It’s always a compromise. Lol.

        Now I know Oakleys are typically more expensive than other brands but I honestly find that for the amount of times you use a pair of Oakleys with zero troubles over years of cycling they more than make up for the extra cost of entry tenfold IMO.

        • Tricky Dicky

          Until you drop them and the lens scratches. Agghhh.

  • bigdo

    Definitely on my radar… first saw these when Mark Cavendish started sporting them maybe a year ago and liked that the overall frame was a bit bigger… The price tag is still pretty steep at $220, but I would also imagine they’d be the last pair of sunny’s you’d need for a while…

  • Artem Ponomarev

    I have a pair of Oakley jawbreakers, can anyone tell me why do they keep on slipping off when I sweat as I train and if I turn around or look down on the road ( cycling ) the sweat just goes all over the lenses and it also drips down onto the lenses from my eyebrows ??


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