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  • Great opening stage of this years giro!

  • Derek Maher

    Good opening for the Giro.A short TTT so the times dont get out of hand.
    Looking forward to tomorrow.

    • I think Mattew’s will take the overall lead after the sprint finish on stage 2 (if all goes well). He has a good chance to hold on through stage 3 if OGE controls the pace. Stage 4 is lumpy which is good for Matthews, but stage 5 is where it will probably all end and then we’ll see an opportunist take the jersey on a breakaway.

  • Nitro

    Awesome result for OGE, but Porte losing 20 seconds to Bertie already – He would have been hoping for better…

    • Derek Maher

      Dont worry Nitro,Porte and the other GC contenders will not lose any sleep.They know OGE will not be around after 2 weeks.

      • jules

        i think he meant the time loss to Contador, not Gerro

  • Notso Swift

    Personally I would have preferred it is Bretto had of got over the line first, the guy is the powerhouse of OGE and buries himself for the others every time. We all love Gerro, but just what I would have liked to see it since he is at a different stage of his career. (Obviously the team plan is to burn through the big engines early with Durbo, Brewly and Lancaster doing the big pulls early)

    Aren’t there time bonuses this year?
    I would expect the leader to change pretty soon to Matthews with the flat and if they can manage the time on the mountain of stage 4 down hill finish he would expect to be free of the pure sprinters. If Matthews can’t get over Gerro will not, so maybe Chaves or Weening

    • velocite

      The strategy looked to be to drag Chavez into a leading position – Lancaster and Bewley did their jobs in the first half, and were not there at the end. Will be fascinating to see how far Esteban gets – recalling how well he did in last year’s ToC. (I vaguely recall!)

      • CB

        Personally I don’t really care who gets the jersey, although I’m quite happy Gerrans got it, a great boost to the morale of a rider who could win a few stages on days when Matthews may not be present. Never hurts to boost the morale of your team leader when he’s had a horror run like he has. Also, as Gerrans said, the jersey is a victory for everyone involved, that’s what matters.

        • Jessy Vee

          I agree, completely. Gerro’s had a horror year and the team clearly wanted to orchestrate an early stint in the jersey to boost his morale. It would have been discussed and planned.

      • Notso Swift

        That is what I meant when I said burning off the specialists, none of the heavy duty TT guys finished with the group, although I concede Hepburn is a TT’er

        • velocite

          It not infrequently appears to be the case in a ttt that the weaker riders drop off because they can no longer hang on. In this case it was clearly a plan, wasn’t it? So, what’s the best way to use up your big engines in the interests of a fast ttt? Could be you use half of them up completely in the first half. Don’t expect any pace setting from the smaller guys, they’ll only slow the team down – especially in a shortish tt.

          • Notso Swift

            I think so, don’t expect anything too much from the 2 climbers and Clarke (handy climber himself) and they will be in a position to hold the Jersey for the team longer, the question is if Mattews/Gerrans can stay up front on stage 3 with the big climb in the centre
            It will go by the first real mountain finish anyway I think that is 5 or 6

            If it was a 50km TTTit would be different I am sure

    • Teez

      Totally agree. Commentary on tv remarked, “After the season he’s had, Gerrans deserves this pink jersey.”

      Errrr, no, that would actually describe Matthews.

    • Anthony Rochester

      Gerro = arbitrarily designated poster boy (in this context at least).

  • Jessy Vee

    NAAWWWW!!!! Look at Chaves! What a cutie. What do you think? Are they trying to set him up for something? Maybe to see how high he can finish in GC, or take the jersey in a breakaway on Stage 5? Otherwise they would have burned and dropped him very early on in the TTT. It really looks like they are taking good care of him, fostering his talent and giving him opportunities that he’d be missing on other teams.

  • Bracksy

    This Giro is an easy win for Contador. Would love to see him annihilate Nibali. Nibali just got lucky in last year’s TDF.

    Also, if anyone from OGE wins the Giro, I’ll buy 10 lucky CT’ers Campy Boras and I’ll chuck in the new SRAM electronic groupset too…

    • Madblack

      Nibbles would have left contador and froome for dead in last year’s tour, given the chance. He was head and shoulders above the rest and had the early psychological advantage. Anyway I guess we’ll never know.
      If contador wins the giro it’ll be by the skin of his teeth and he’ll be lucky to get in the top five in the tour which will be dominated by quintana, froome and nibbles. Can’t wait to see the loud-mouthed contador fail.

      • Bracksy

        Let’s discuss this again at the end of the Giro. If you end up being right, get ready to ride with a pair of new Campy Boras and SRAM electronic gearset.

      • a different ben

        Yeah, me too, I love watching people fail! Gives me such a boost. I feel so alive!

  • Stompin

    I was expecting a stronger performance from sky

  • Mike Hobbs

    Italians seem to do good quality cycle paths … UK Government take note!!
    Nice video from OGE.
    Contador For The Win.
    Best cycling website in the world.
    That is all.


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