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August 24, 2017
August 23, 2017
August 22, 2017
August 21, 2017
  • Sean

    I’d be keen to read some user reviews. I’ve been burnt bad with their products in the past.

  • Calvin

    So who is this for? Recreational cyclists can get everything this offers plus navigation on the smartphone they already own. No workout function and no ANT+ support means serious racers can’t use most existing powermeters. If you race but don’t have a powermeter, you’re probably saving your pennies for a powermeter and would just buy a Garmin or any other HR computer for much less. Sounds more like a “Garmin hater” device than anything.

    All that said, I like the the “safety” light feature and hope other computers follow suit.

    • Since Garmin’s user interface, reliability, and proprietary lock-in is pretty appalling, as a Garmin hater I’m looking forward to trying the V650 out.

      • Andrew

        Can anyone suggest a non garmin unit, as after several dramatically pathetic service calls, the rep deemed my 510 unit water damaged and hence stuffed. Went to another dealer who held three in unison and voila, it worked. Now the rear cap on the cadence device fell off and you cannot get a spare. Garmin suggest buying a new sensor. Customer satisfaction negative 100 and increasing

  • Bracksy

    Nice product but I don’t want a laptop attached to my handlebars. When I ride, I want to get away from technology and don’t wanna spend half my time looking at a computer screen.

  • Jonathon Moore

    I have one – I’m a long time Polar user (runner who got into cycling) and liked the idea of having all of my training data all in the same place, so didn’t want to buy a Garmin edge and end up with cycling data in Garmin Connect and running data in Polar PT/Flow. I’m also used to Polar’s pretty much flawless HR monitoring, while the reports of Garmin’s average performance in this regard scared me off a little.

    I think this CT review is pretty bang on – it’s really easy to use, the screen is wonderful and with the back light turned down the battery life is epic (I got about 16 hours worth before having to re-charge.

    Future firmware updates should fix a lot of the shortcomings (on release it didn’t even support Polar’s own Keo Power Pedals), but it is annoying that it’s sort of half finished still from a software point of view. A lot of people are miffed by lack of Strava integration, etc as well, which in this day is pretty understandable.

    There’s a bit more third party sensor support than people know – I’m using a Wahoo speed/cadence sensor which works fine (I understand there are a number of other BLE combo devices that work) and I believe compatibility with Stages and Powertap are pretty close to being good to go. I don’t have a power meter yet and I figured by the time I am at a stage I want one there will be more options available by then. I think I’m most likely to go with the single sided version of the Polar/KEO Power Pedal system which will be around the $1,000 mark if Euro prices are anything to go by.

    Is it better than it’s competitor the Edge 510 (similar price point) – Probably not as an all up package at this stage. But I’ll be interested to see how much in catches up as the software updates come.

    • Morten Reippuert Knudsen


      August: Openstreetmaps (already enabled in june 23. firmware but maps are not downloadable from Flow yet)
      October: Strava + other enchancements to Flow.
      December: Courses + other enchancements to Flow and the V650 firmware.

      Other stuff on Polars official roadmap, but without a milestine: POI, SMS/Call notifications, BLE relay, Live tracking.

      Guessing: recovery/workout once M450 comes out – the V400 (waych version of M450) and the V800 with identical chipset to the V650 already has it.
      No turn-by-turn navigation though (i have haver used it successfully on my Edge 705 so it doesnt matter to me)

      Pretty soon the V650 will be an Edge 1000 killer – and at a lower pricepoint than the Egde 510.

      The LED thing is actually nice to think about – no need to cary a frontlight when entering a tunnel and it will turn on by itself, accourding to Polar the LED will only drain the battery with 14 minuttes during a 12 hours ride,

      Your notion about the battry life of 16 hours was the deal-braker for me so i bought a V650 off eBay today for just 160€, the initially stated 10 hours was a tad short (they have changed it to 12 hours after the actual release of the device).

  • SeanMcCuen

    ah helll no, it covers the whole front of the bike. more fruity tech.

  • Morten Reippuert Knudsen

    Just orderd a V650 as replacent for my Edge 705 with multple buttons not working reliably anymore. Last week Polar published a firmware 1.18 with mapping capability from OpenSteet maps downloadable from Flow – The Maps wont be available until August. It will not have turn-by-turn navigation witch is fine by me, i have never used that part on my Edge. Strava integration from Flow service similar to what Garmin Connect can do will be made avilable i October. Aditionally before the end of the year Polar will add courses to the V650 through Flow as well, POI is also in the pipline but no release of that feature have been published yet. Workout/recovery features is available on the V800 watch (witch is based on the same chipset) and the new M450 (same chipset as the M400 watch) – i’d guess those features will be made available on the V650 and the M400 watch once the M450 is on the maket. Othe features like Live tracking and Phone call/SMS notifications should be in the pipeline as well. With the Mapping and Strava announcement and the more features stiff in the pipeline i’d say the V650 will be a tough competitor to the Edge 1000 – and at half the cost. Can’t wait to my V650 arrives. Reg ANT+ powermeteres – i don’t own a powermeter and i don’t plan to buy one, i’d rather spend the mony on plain tickes to southern france and/or nice tubular tires.

  • Augsburg57

    I have the Polar H7 HRM and I’ve tracked hundreds of cycling workouts with the Polar Beat app on my iPhone 6.

    I then recently purchased the Polar V650, which I’ve used for the past few rides. I like the V650, but found it does not connect to the Polar Beat app. Rather, it works with the Polar Flow app on the iPhone. Unlike the H7/Polar Beat system, with the V650, I have to connect to my laptop (Mac) to sync my data from a ride. The data then syncs to my phone automatically. I wish the V650 would sync to my phone during the ride using Bluetooth so a USB connection was not required.

    One thing that has not worked for me on the V650, it the display of “inclination”, which is the slope or grade of the road. During a ride, my V650 just shows “0” for Inclination. I get readings of altitude just fine, including ascent and descent, but no grade for the climbs or descents.

    • Morten Reippuert Knudsen

      i think you’d need a speed sensor in order for it to show the grade of your climb

      • Augsburg57

        I think you are correct. I saw on Polar.com’s user forum for the V650 that the speed sensor is required for inclination. I ordered one and will find out in a few days.

        • Dirk Podevijn

          i have a speed sensor blt from polar and it don’t work

          • Morten Reippuert Knudsen

            I’ve just got a wahoo speed/cadance censor – gradient is now displayed

  • Augsburg57

    As an update to my comments on the use of the V650, the only issue I have encountered is when a problem with pairing occurs. Usually, the Bluetooth pairing works fine, but occasionally I start the ride and realize something is not paired. I’m using the H7 HRM and Polar’s speed and cadence sensors. Yes, the green circles on the display are supposed to indicate if you are paired, but it is hard to see in direct sun and wearing sunglasses if the green circles are solid or flashing. So it is possible to start the ride and then figure out something is not paired – usually the HRM. When this happens, it would be nice to be a able to get to Settings while in the middle of your ride event. Instead, you have to stop the event, go to Settings, delete the pairing and then re-pair. Now part of your ride is missing or a separate event. Polar, let us get to Settings while in the ride event.

    • Morten Reippuert Knudsen

      you push the side button and search for the sensors durring the ride.

      • Augsburg57

        Thanks, I will give that a try. Luckily, I have not lost pairing of the H7 since the episode described above. So maybe it was an anomaly.

  • Vangelis Kastamoulas

    i would like to have a future update of navigation!!!
    it really matters for randoneurs cyclists that most of them prefer Garmin!


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August 24, 2017
August 23, 2017
August 22, 2017
August 21, 2017