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  • Shame for Porte that his mechanical was outside the neutralised-time finishing zone (or whatever it’s called).

    • jiris

      The 3 km rule only apply in case of a crash, and your time is the one of the group you were in just before the crash. So in that case, Porte would have still lost time, as he wasn’t hold back by a crash.

  • lefthandside
    • Willem

      I was waiting for someone to say something about that. I get the fair play aspect, but seems awfully harsh for just a wheel change. 30 sec maybe, but not 2 minutes.

      • Stompin

        ‘secret rule’ no 20475/5… if non-european, spank them hard with stiffer penalty

        • Baz


        • pauldr

          Or worse, on a British Team

        • sillyoldbugger

          The rule is no secret. Every registered cyclist signs a licence confirming they’ve read & understood them (haven’t they?). Not much different to a driver’s licence. I’m sure all drivers know the rules….
          In any case, these guys are full time professional sportspersons, so no excuse for not knowing.
          However, the problem is consistency amongst commissaires worldwide, most of whom are not professional (not full time, not paid) volunteers whose application of the rules can be less than perfect.

          • Stompin

            Rules are black and white, interpretations are shades of grey. Hence my comment.

  • Richard Bruton

    The big point for me isn’t that rule is unfair or it has been used out of context or whatever, for me I want to know where was his team? Remarkable how they go to such lengths to protect his sleep but not even one guy protecting him in a ~60kmh finish?

    • Larry Theobald

      THAT is the big question. Nobody on the team with a wheel for their star? No car at-the-ready with a spare? Nobody knows the rules against taking a wheel from another squad? The highly paid team couldn’t close the gap on the peloton? Marginal gains should be marginal brains in this case.

      • slartiblartfast

        Indeed. The photo of the wheel change shows another Sky rider in the foreground who could have easily handed over his own wheel instead. Assuming none of the riders were thinking about the rules at the time, why wasn’t the DS in their ear about it?

        • sillyoldbugger

          Good chance Clarkey said something like “I’ll give him my wheel and you guys get him back”

  • D-Man

    Very disappointed to hear about the time penalty. I wonder if the ‘letter’ of the law would have been enforced had it been the tifosi’s favourite Aru in a similar scenario. Anyhow, it is what it is and Kudos to GreenEdge for trying to do the right thing. Roll on the time trial!!!

  • marcus_moore

    What’s the penalty for using another team car’s slip stream to motorpace back up to the peloton?

    What’s the penalty for the ‘bidon sling’?

    Surely there’s ‘turning a blind eye’ when it fits…..

    • claude cat

      No penalty for attacking during a officially neutralized stage either. I.e. last year’s Giro.

    • claude cat

      Turn a blind eye to riding though an activated rail crossing? Especially if one of the riders transgressing is the champion of france?

  • Marcus

    Orica Greenedge were already held at the highest of my opinion and they have just gone even higher. Chapeau Orica, I don’t care that rules were broken, what Clarke and Mathews did speaks volumes…

    • sli1

      So disappointing for cycling fans and not just aussies. The three way battle was hugely exciting for all fans. A technicality has robbed us of a great show. Looking at the top 5 its now Contador vs Astana

    • JoshLyons

      Actually, no. It only speaks volumes of being indisciplined and badly schooled in the rules. Orica should never have got involved in a Sky technical matter – no matter whether it was Richie or Tony. It is a professional sport and it’s taken very seriously in the heartlands of Europe. Orica brings a team all the way to Europe to race, not to hold a candle for Richie or Sky. Orica actually made a mockery of the sport and don’t disillusion yourself for even a minute thinking that if the rolls were reversed, Sky would have done the same. No way!

      • Nathan

        Perhaps they acted unwisely in the heat of the moment, subsequently breaking the rules and costing Richie some time. I agree they should all be more aware of the rules, and im sure they now are. You’ve just gone a bit spazz suggesting they made a mockery of the sport. For gooness sake, perhaps look to Astana for examples of mockery.

      • Matt

        Right…. And the Paris Roubaix en-masse non-penalty re the TGV? U23 Flanders train near miss? Astana in general? Vino buying L-B-L? L.A. & doping? But apparently it’s Orica ‘making a mockery of the sport’??

        And BTW, ‘roles’ are reversed as opposed to ‘rolls’…

        • JoshLyons

          Thanks Matt for the English lesson – god know I need it badly.

          • Matt

            Josh, I’m interested in your thoughts re the examples of cycling mockery (my opinions only of course) – how does OGE’s effort stack up against those?

            • JoshLyons

              One makes a mockery of the sport when: 1. they call themselves professionals but don’t know the rules. 2. when professionals confuse comradery for sportsmanship. 3. when a pro forgets his objective, lets down his team and goes off to be a good Samaritan for an opposing team rider.
              Matt, I too am terribly disappointed with what happened to Richie but I love this sport and am appalled by the unprofessional attitude being shown by our lot. We all make mistakes; best just take it on the chin and admit to our mistakes. I respect all riders and don’t care two hoots for their nationality – and would feel the same way no matter who did it.

              • Derek Maher

                I have to agree with your sentiments in your post Josh,When you sign on at the start line you agree to abide by the racing rules.It can be tough at times but those are the breaks.

    • Matt DeMaere

      Support for fellow countrymen is great yes, but a wheel change was a too far — regardless of whether it was legal. It is just too direct an assistance between what are meant to be competing teams. Burning some matches in a paceline would have been plenty.

      People should think back to the days when non-europeans were in the minority (riders and teams). Inter-team collusion of the dominant nationalities was a serious frustration and was a barrier to success for new entrants.

      Then, it was seen as unsportsmanlike. And ya, it was a single selfless act, but take all the motivations and biases away, what’s the difference?

  • Andy B

    I hope both Sky & Orica work together and hit the peleton hard on the next stage as a fall out from this ruling, Would be nice to see them try to rip the race apart
    At 3.09 minutes Richie has to take a gamble

    • JoshLyons

      Yeah, they could all (both teams) get in the breakaway :) or get on the front and ride gang-ho till they fall on their swords? I think they should stay ice cold and even retire a little further back into the peloton, to the sweetest spot, and chill until the TT. After the TT they can reassess their position, but ideally shouldn’t react now – save it, let it build and then be ruthless.

  • Nitro

    #boulietacks at the Giro. Sad.

  • JoshLyons

    Feel so bad for Porte but I knew the penalty would be coming the moment I heard that Clark had given him his wheel. It’s not a new rule and giving/taking a wheel from another teams rider is calling for a penalty. Lucky it’s only 2 minutes…it could have been 15.

    • Arfy

      It’s not lucky, it’s the UCI penalty. 200CHF and 2 min for first offence, 5 min for second offence, 10 min for third offence, and elimination for fourth offence.

    • Bex

      Has anyone been given a penalty under those rules before though? it’s not like he gained an unfair advantage from it. I’m sure in the classics other teams provide spare wheels on numerous occasions, never heard of it being a problem then…

      • JoshLyons

        Too true – that is also something to think about but I think that if the Giro-jury didn’t take action they would look toothless and silly.

      • Francisco Araujo

        I disagree… He did gain an unfair advantage… It’s unfair to the other GC contenders and to every domestique and DS who did a good job that day…
        If you let them get this kind of assistance form other teams, you effectively rob the teammates of a chance of having their efforts make a difference.

  • treberden

    Porte surrounded by 3 teammates and the one who gives him his front wheel is from Orica, no one here seems to be surprised ?
    The penalty is right, but every offence should be treated equally.

  • Aust

    If my memory is correct Michael Rogers won TDU many years ago by getting on a spectators bike….is similar!!!

    • JoshLyons

      Imagine how the bike sponsor felt. Hope he borrowed the same brand.


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