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  • Jo

    Goss was hungry as a Neo Pro but his early success has been his downfall, what a waste.

  • MattF

    A Cyclingtips interview with Matt Goss to get his side of the story would be a great idea. It’s been very sad to watch his decline as a pro cyclist. Was he mis-managed at Orica Greenedge; probably. If he is lacking in motivation, why? I wouldn’t rate his chances of a contract renewal particularly high at this point in time. His decline will then be terminal.

    • We interviewed Goss at the end of last season and he was surprisingly candid. We’ll see what we can do to talk to him about this season so far.


    • Robert Merkel

      Have to say I find it mystifying too. Reckon he might have an interesting memoir to write a few years from now; either if he turns his cycling around, or if he doesn’t.

    • Dave

      If a Pro Continental team is making noises about his poor performance it does look like it will all be over soon. He’s too old to bounce back if he gets dropped to a Continental team, no Pro Continental or WorldTeam would take him unless he was bringing a sponsor to pay his own way.

  • Dave

    After that crash he caused last weekend, the Tour de France organisers ASO should be politely suggesting to MTN-Q that future invitations to ASO races will be reconsidered if Matt Goss gets selected for the Tour.

    He should be sitting out a six week suspension for bad riding, not getting anywhere near the biggest race of the year.

  • Dave

    First African team? What about Barloworld?

    • Shane Stokes

      Hi Dave, Barloworld was registered in Britain and Italy.

  • Stompin

    Sounds like Goss’ mind is elsewhere.

  • Abdu

    If Goss is being managed and coached those guys should reimburse him that money. Any decent manager or coach would have dealt with him by now, had a proper word, but clearly they’re happy to take their % and be nice while watching him sit waste his talent and opportunities. Plenty of decent coaches drop riders for their attitude. Maybe it’s the weight of the hangers-on that makes him so slow these days, but I reckon the problem is above the shoulders.
    OGE based a team around him, so did the Australian team in the Worlds. He had a very lucky life, and now he needs to work hard it is just that, too hard. People forget Goss is also taking the opportunity from a young rider who actually does want it. That’s doubly annoying.
    PS. Goss being hungry as a Neo Pro a funny way to look at it, he’s been sat up the back looking fat in too many races so clearly hunger is not the issue.

    • Stompin

      Slip slidin’ away
      Slip slidin’ away
      You know, the nearer your destination
      The more you’re slip slidin’ away

    • Dave

      I’m starting to wonder whether perhaps Goss is paying for his ride at MTN-Chewbacca.

      Life can’t be easy when you can only have two sponsors in the team name and you’ve given away one of those two slots to a charity.

      • Sean

        I reckon all those ex big names would be paying for their ride int hat team.


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