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  • James

    Love these stories. Keep them coming!

  • Neil_Robinson

    alright, you got a sensible chuckle from me for captioning a photo of a machine propped up by a stick with “Precise machinery for filling tubes of oil”

  • LeeRoy

    What a great story – I had always assumed that Morgan Blue was owned by a huge faceless corporation somewhere and so I chose to support some other brands. Will definitely try them next time I need to buy some products

  • velocite

    Would have been good to get some information about the actual products. The equipment shown all relates to packaging, and there’s a reference to a BBQ and an Aga. What do they do to create well performing product?

  • Adam Fuller

    I’d hate to get their products confused……..

  • Bought one of their care buckets after seeing this How to Clean Your Bike video and can confirm their product is absolutely amazing. https://youtu.be/Sf80DnCgHRQ

    • Robert0321

      I did the same thing when i bought my road bike in 2012 (also from the video), their stuff is great and isn’t as overpriced as most competitors. Just don’t buy their chainlube-spraycan, that stuff gets everywhere. Also their use of body painted models at events is kinda tacky.

      Last year most online retailers (in the Netherlands even) stopped selling it for some reason and i switched over to Muc-Off, which i actually like better but is more expensive.

  • gusk

    I love Morgan Blue Race Oil. Their little chain holder is a fantastic little bike cleaning assistant too. It holds the chain in line when the rear wheel is removed. The degreaser is also excellent but a small bottle at a price so I resort to diesel oil, it’s still blue.

  • Sam

    This is another brand not on my shopping list due to outdated and sexist promotion activities. Body painted models, for example.

    • NY’er

      Really? When did this happen? (serious question)

      • bc

        it’s not hiding. just do an image search

        • DavidS

          Did so, you are quite correct. Up until Sam’s post it was very interesting reading about the company. Now it’s not.

          • NY’er

            hmmm, me too

            • Bent

              Ha, well I just updated my background image…

          • CC

            Fair’s Fair…. It wasn’t that long ago Dr’s were sitting around promoting Cigarettes on Billboards… do you still go to the Docs?

            And Morgan Blue seems to be more entrenched in the Pro Culture of Cycling, than the Consumer Culture of Cycling. It’s probably a better reflection of the culture of pro-cycling than anything. Then I guess there is always the issue of the wife cooking the Chamois Creme on her stovetop… Most would call that enterprising, or is it sexiest?

            • Jaybo

              it didnt say she was cooking it, said he was using her stove.
              i think a lot of people read too much into a lot of things :)

      • ExecutiveCyclist


        What I found interesting when pointing it out to some of the masses last year, NO ONE gave a rats arse. Yet a few months before the world almost ended due to the same use of body paint by a Melbourne bike shop. Seems to be one of those Australian things where if we aren’t involved, who cares.

        Great story though.

    • Winky

      I wasn’t aware of the brand at all until this article. But I am now, and will be avoiding it for reasons similar to yours.

      • Pete

        Gee u guys are touchy! Its just a body painted model. Its not like they are selling bottles of palm oil.

        • winkybiker

          I’m not offended by the naked bodies at all. I love naked bodies. It is the devaluation of the role of women in our society by this sort of pointless promotion that I object to. As a guy, I’m not personally on the receiving end of this, but like to think I am a good enough person to take an interest in issues that negatively affect others. And act accordingly, by not buying these products and telling people why.

          • david__g

            Well said.

            • Bent

              I heard he used exposed woman’s ankles to sell goods in the 30s. The horror.

              Seriously it is a small business on the other side of the world, get a life.

              Did he force that woman to get painted?

      • Let’s all take a deep breath here. My god – they’re ‘booth babes’! If you don’t like it, don’t look at it, don’t support it – fine. However, this guy is a small business owner, supporting an industry with a great product that obviously the ‘pros’ prefer to use even if they aren’t paid to use it. Plus, he supports a losing biz in supporting and U23 team.

        My god… He’s not kicking small animals, dumping chemicals into rivers, testing product on animals or supporting genocide in a 3rd world country. He airbrushed topless models at Eurobike. From what I’ve heard…that’s insanely tame! I guess this is the same selection of the population that goes to the beach in Europe and complains about all the topless women.

        I work in fashion, I co-own a womenswear brand with a woman designer….she’d never blink an eye at this! If you’re really going to get offended – take a breath and think about how cheap you purchased your clothing from Walmart, American Eagle, H&M, Gap, etc etc etc. Now if you want to get offended, be offended for child labor, 12-18 hr work days, dangerous work environments, etc. Obviously there no woman should ever be oppressed, or degraded, etc – however if you’re going to not support a company for some body painting…you might need to re-adjust that high-horse you’re sitting on.

        • david__g

          You know, it is possible to care about more than one thing at a time, and one of those things can be sexism. The “it’s not like he’s doing XYZ” disclaimer is the reason such distasteful, misogynistic behaviours are allowed to continue.

          And your analogy is weak – topless women on the beach are making that choice to be topless for their own pleasure and are not being used to sell products to men. And the idea that everyone who objects to sexism is just scared or offended by naked bodies is completely ridiculous.

          But you’re a dude. Of course you don’t care about this.

          • Winky

            I came to say pretty much exactly the same thing. I have always worked in a (severely) male dominated industry and have seen first-hand the cumulative effect of “little things” on the well being of women who choose to work alongside men in an entrenched culture of misogyny and discrimination. It is career-destroying, cruel and ultimately heartbreaking. This sort of thing changes one small step at a time. Choosing to avoid businesses that just don’t get it is just one thing we can do. And just because I’m a guy, it doesn’t mean I don’t care.

            • Dave

              Excellent post.

              Using topless women for advertising is enough of a turn-off for me to cancel out the advantage of Morgan Blue being a small independent company (I prefer not to encourage faceless megacorps, especially the big red S) and consider an ‘almost as good’ product from elsewhere being equally as good a buying decision.

              But then again, I’m a person and not a business like a WorldTeam.

        • Touriste-Routier

          Please consider your own cultural bias when viewing their advertizing/promotional methods. The Anglo world seemingly is more prudish than continental Europe. While this may be sexist or misogynist in your eyes, it might be normal elsewhere. This is rather tame compared to other things I’ve seen at European trade shows (non-cycling).

    • Allez Rouleur

      While I can understand this sentiment and while I don’t necessarily want to buy their products after reading/seeing this, I just can’t get that worked up about it. Same thing with some of the K-B-K promotions. Yeah, not the best way to sell things. However, there are many more pressing issues facing the world (pollution, starvation, fresh water) and I just can’t find this that troubling.

      Sure, you can argue using painted breasts to sell chain degreaser is one small problem that leads to/sustains bigger problems (sexism, sexual assault, etc.) but, I just am not that upset by their promotions.

    • Gordon

      Well there you have it. Misogyny, or the perception of it, rates very highly in the comments section of CT. And the views are, in some cases, polar opposites. What does this tell me…..no idea.
      I now don’t know whether I’m a pervert who should have a tracking device fitted or just a “normal hetro male”. I am also a bit confused as to how I deal with the three female workers who predominately report to me (is that OK?) particularly when one makes inappropriate comments all the time.
      Oh the problems of modern society.

    • Belgium Bike

      For all those who hate their marketing and stop buying their products for that reason, stop driving your Ford, Mercedes, Chevy, Ferrari, or any brand that is into car racing. The women in the pit lane there are part of the marketing and promoting in the same way. If you walk around at Eurobike we probably also have to take away most of the gear, clothing and bikes you are riding.

      • amrgardner

        Bit of an old post but … in an environment where the male physique is commercialised and exploited for marketing of products and brands as ‘raison d’être’, there are people complaining about the female physique being used to do the same thing? I’ve not quite worked this through to be honest, but I think there’s something to think about there. Those models probably spend as much time looking after themselves as the riders, I’d imagine. They have just as limited career potentials too.

        I’m much more concerned about the company’s environmental credentials, for which I can find nothing, anywhere.

  • Vetsnoyavich

    Slow news day when CT writes up an article on cleaning products. Good God it’s tedious.

  • Derek Maher

    Its good to see a small family business doing well and providing a good product to cyclists.

  • I’m offended by those who are offended.

  • Anton Rodman

    Aussie battlers EURO style. I use their cleaning products but not lubes. Excellent products. Thanks CT for a more personal insight and photos.

  • Belgium Bike

    I got in touch with these product when i was still racing.
    Loved it so much i became the importer for the US for it :)


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