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  • krashdavage

    Love how the Secret Pro talks about himself in the third person

    • Remember, it’s ghost written.

      • krashdavage

        Just stirring. Great piece!

      • cheese

        Ghosts write this?! Holy crap, why isn’t this in the news?!?!

        • Dave

          Next thing Wade will be saying he’s only 29 years old.

      • ummm…

        I really love these columns. This feature is a coup for cycling journalism. It is also telling how much controversy features in these blurbs. I for one love cycling, love the clothes, the bike, the aesthetic – I’ve never raced so I’m not familiar with the cliqueness and snobbery.

        When it comes to pro cycling the controversy is sometimes as compelling as the glories. It is a guilty pleasure, but thank you for bringing an honest perspective to the table. It has helped me appreciate the sport beyond the controversy, aesthetic, and my own personal glories.

    • It can’t be Henderson because he said he wasn’t at last years Tour. Or is he just trying to throw us off the scent?

      • ummm…

        sniff sniff

  • xponti

    I love that Hendo got the handshakes and pats on the back for speaking out. Also the fact that most of the people on here have the same opinion as the Secret Pro and some of the peleton to Astana….

    • Michele

      So are your suggesting you think Jules is TSP??

      • jules

        i am the secret hubbard!

        • Sean Doyle

          That’s no secret though! ;-P

  • Sean

    I reckon the secret pro is actually Fabio Aru.

    • Michele

      I hope you delete your comment Sean. Wade said the TSP would stop contributing if they were found out.

      • Nitro

        I reckon its Oleg Tinkov… :)

        • Dave

          Oleg Tinkov being secret about something? There’s a first!

  • Michele

    Thank you secret pro. Enjoyed the read.

    I also like how you can still read between the lines with Hendo getting a few handshakes from the peloton.

  • Simon

    “It doesn’t matter if you’re in a shitty hotel, as many of them are in Italy. Just the simple stuff is done right — pasta and food in general is actually cooked how it should be, coffee is coffee and not just black water.”

    This is why I’m going back next year after 34 years.

  • Ale

    Valverde is a nice bloke, Richie is a great guy but Astana guys and Aru are a joke. What a fu***ing hypocrite you are !!

    • Michele

      Hey Ale …

      Read the post again:

      This is what the TSP said about Valverde:

      “I don’t know him very well but from all accounts, he’s a very nice bloke”. Does he call him a nice bloke?

      Have you met Richie Porte? Is he, or isn’t he a great guy? I don’t know – I’ve only met him briefly once [too hard to gauge just on that]. You obviously have met him, if you think otherwise.

      And the Astana license drama was/is a joke….

      How does that make the TSP a hypocrite?

      • ummm…

        I don’t know about Valverde’s attitude, but it appears that the honest thing to do would be to be unrepentant. If i was a pro athelete I would be unrepentant, or like to think I would be. If I could get over the money I’d be losing for being honest, then not being a liar and letting people know how it gets done is the honorable thing to do.

    • Daniel

      Trolling for lulz? Aru, Nibali, and Vino could all be wonderful chaps but still doped to the eyeballs.
      Similarly, saying that Valverde and Porte are top chaps doesn’t mean that they aren’t or have not been on the juice.
      There is no hypocrisy, much less “fu***ing” hypocrisy.

      • Michele

        Ale is a first time poster [not sure if he’s a long-time reader].

        So yeah, nothing more than a little trolling I’d say.

      • philipmcvey

        I like the way he linked Valverde and Richie being nice guys; they’re paragraphs apart in the article but then used a little licence there to insinuate that Porte must be like Valverde, and that even though they’re both ‘alike’ they’re still ‘better’ than Aru and Astana. Who are also mentioned in completely separate contexts; i.e. that Astana are pushy in the bunch and that Aru is.. well.. not worth elaborating on. If you’re going to insult someone as an ‘f-ing hypocrite’ you could at least quote their article correctly.

        • Dale Smith

          Wow. Didn’t know there was much going on in between the lines.

  • donncha

    “You need to adjust your body clock a bit as the late starts throw everything off…”

    At least I’ve something in common with the Pros during the Giro. Late finish, late out of bed, late start to the work day, late finish at work and then back to the sofa to repeat :-)

  • Joel

    Keep it coming SP! These insights are cool.

    • Dale Smith

      I agree. It’s a buzz getting this insight into the inner ring of the peleton. Super concept CT! Hope it continues. And I’d loooove to see the first draft before the legal team got to it.

      • Ryan

        Don’t we all! But then there wouldn’t be any more articles : )

      • ummm…

        Do you think CT has a legal team? I’m a small business owner, maybe I need to get a legal team. And not just retain lawyers for specific issues.

        • Dale Smith

          No I don’t think they do. It was just a tongue in cheek comment to say that not everything the pro says can actually be put in the article, or CT get a call from some ‘fab’ lawyers. My opinion is that TSP is multiple pro’s and that Wade distills all the goss into one piece of prose. It’s a great idea and I enjoy it immensely. Love the artwork too. Top class stuff.

  • CB

    There is no column I get more excited about reading than that of the Secret Pro. A case of read it whilst it’s up online!!

  • Anthony Slabinck

    Henderson did ride the TDF last year. SP says he wasn’t there …

    • JBS

      The guessing game ended last installment. Everybody knows jules is the SP!

  • Colin Rourke

    Henderson is no dummy ,he is passionate about his sport ,maybe he made a mistake bye speaking out so early but at the end of the day it’s his and every pro cyclist job on the line if he is sued every honest pro cyclist should should donate towards his defense ,like in all work places most people know what is going on ,Astana should of been booted it’s had more chances than any team ,I would not trust anyone in Astana

    • lefthandside

      I agree. I applaud those who speak out against wrongdoing – but it’s probably harmful to do so (for yourself, your team) unless you have proof. The people who are best placed to prove allegations are always the ones with the most motivation to hide the truth. It’s a difficult situation and requires serious leadership from the governing body. You’ve got to be careful before shooting your mouth off too early, regardless of whether you’re right – proof makes all the difference

      • ummm…

        I’d wish that Cookson would be more clear in his opinion about the situation, but I’m sure he is contrained by lawyers as well. It is a funny situation. Everyone sees it, everyone know it is going on, yet nobody can say anything for fear of lawyers.

  • nicklothian

    Can’t believe all the comments are about doping, and not a single one about this minor little thing:

    “I noticed that the guys here at CyclingTips published an article about testing a motor in a road bike. Many people will call it bullshit, but I’m pretty damn sure it has gone on in the past.”

    Too bad that it’s hard to tell if the TSP is joking or not.

    • Michele

      I’m sure TSP isn’t joking.

    • ummm…

      Yeah, I’m a firm believer that PEDs are in all pro ahtlestes. Hoever, that motor in bike admission is very suprising for me; And I’m not usually naive. THAT would disgust me. Dope your body, not the bike. That really destroys the myth of the athlete.

  • John_Irvine

    This bit was definitely the most intriguing: “mechanics from certain teams behaving oddly at races in the past, standing at the side of the course with spare bikes when usually those bikes would just be placed on the car”. I think the most effective use of a motorized bike during a race would be early in the stage to conserve energy, then to get swapped out before the pressure and attention get ramped up, and win the stage on a clean bike. Are there any controls on spare bikes?

    • Dave

      Contador and Froome had both their first and spare bikes inspected after they used spares during a TdF mountain stage in 2013.

  • Curious

    So if Greg is sued for defamation but then Aru DOES test positive, will he then be able to claim back the fine that Aru is trying to inflict? (Not to mention some beauty twitter posts from then on!).

    • Dave

      I don’t know about the jurisdiction where Aru is suing Henderson, but if it were under Australian defamation law that would most certainly not be the case.

      The LA case where it did work that way was not about defamation, but about the withholding of winnings.

  • Steven

    Is the ghost writer the same every time.

  • Ryan

    Keep it coming.

    I’m about 3 months new to the site so have no idea if the creator/manager of the site has access to someone in the peloton to write anonymous articles – but if it is so then I can only say Chapeau! These articles wouldn’t be possible otherwise!


    • ummm…

      keep coming back. these articles and robert millars over on cyclingnews are my favorite.

  • Adie

    So, one of the most dubious teams currently in cycling, Astana, almost had their licence revoked for a large number of doping offences, but the decision came to let them race on because the doping offences seemed to historic. A bizarre decision that differs from the hard-line promised to the sport by the UCI.

    Now Greg Henderson has made some poorly judged comments about a team Astana rider, Fabio Aru’s potentially drug-enabled performance. Aru seeks to defend his integrity and the team’s integrity by leaping to the Armstrong defence – sue Henderson for libel.

    Seeing as Armstrong did spend time on team Astana and the heavily doping Alexandre Vinikourov is so strongly involved, it may be that they have learned more than just how to dope, but also how to litigate to stop people from voicing their concerns.

    It is a bit ridiculous to defend the team’s integrity when the team seems to have had little control over the doping going on in its ranks – there is little integrity there to defend after so many controversies. With 3 riders sitting in the top four of the Giro d’Italia, there is some question over how clean they are. After all, Lance Armstrong always stated his innocence by iterating that he had never ‘tested positive’ and they always tested ‘clean’ even when George Hincapie managed to get into the top 15 of GC on the tour. Maybe team Astana riders just got smarter at hiding their doping because, with what is being shown, the mathematics just does not add up.

    Anyway, in litigating against Henderson, they are showing another classic Armstrong trait – that of sociopathic or psychopathic behavioural tendencies. It is almost an over-reaction to the situation as if there really is something to hide.

    • pervertt

      Can’t understand why Team Dodgy wasn’t thrown out like Festina was. Four or was it 5 riders who tested positive to weird substances, all in a short period of time. Looks like UCI has learnt nothing from the Armstrong debacle.

      • ummm…

        why would they. they are bureaucrats with no spine. I can’t blame them too much though. Business as usual is like the 11th commandment to human civilization.

  • kamil krulis

    Astana the new US EPOstal nuff said. Great piece, so Le Carre!

  • Bracksy

    It’s clear that TSP is Trent Lowe!

  • Derek Maher

    Hmm,I guess it would be better if some of the peleton let their legs do the talking instead of whineing about riders who are showing them the way.

    • Matt

      So Derek, reading between the lines here – you seem comfortable that Aru sits 3″ off the lead in a Grand Tour having started the race some 3 weeks after losing 5kg due to an alleged stomach complaint?

      I know he’s a gifted athlete but I think there’s questions to be asked about a) How he’s achieved something that should have seen degraded performance whilst he worked back to full health or b) Did it happen in the first place (as Henderson wonders)?

      Personally, I feel these questions need to be asked (and no-one is pressing Astana on this??). Life in general (and cycling specifically) – if something seems too good to be true, it quite often turns out to be…

      • Derek Maher

        Hi Matt,I am comfortable with Aru’s position at this stage of the race.I have said in a previous post that I have doubts about his stamina for the long haul due to his lack of racing and he probably does not have the reserves for the third week.Expect to see him slipping back on time this week.
        Regarding some Astana Team members being involved in the past in dodgy practices.Its the past and Aru was not on that list.
        Lets give the present Giro team a break and not condemm them for other riders past sins.
        Regarding the Teams in the Giro I am neutral and just want to see a great race whoever wins.

        • ummm…

          why give them a break? I’m a compassionate empathetic person, but also have common sense. This is pro sport, this is money. Lets not hope for the best just because. It is better that we keep it honest. In all likely hood even the mechanics are doped – on every team. I myself dope when I watch cycling :P . Plus, we can see a great race even if they are doped – especially if some GC contenders get caught mid race!!!

          • fahgedaboutit

            It’s in tha past mannnn, fahhhhgeeedddaboutttiitttttttt its all good.

            *rolls eyes*

            • ummm…

              true dat

  • Stefano Ferro

    Being a big fan of Nibali unfortunately I am not really happy of the team he rides for. In saying that and although I have been living in Australia for 10 years I still follow the Italian sport press and It is quite “funny” how things are described differently. I am not talking here about Astana, I do not even want to read about it, I really don’t like the team.

    I am more about the Sky team which 2-3 years ago was highly pointed in Italy as involved with drugs as it is Astana now for the British/Aussie press. I do still remember Cavendish climbing as never before. All the riders were superheroes ….I must say as much as Astana today

    I am not sure what to believe. Either ways what’s the point to follow a sport made by (doped) winners, if you believe there is drug.

    Why in this sport the winner has always to be doped, why the press (doesn’t matter which) and all the comments are against the winners? Do we all really believe the winner (either Contador or Aru or maybe Porte) are doped because they win.

    I just like to mention how other sports deal with the drug problems. AFL leaves athletes doping till the 3rd time they catch them and magically a doped team still plays on. Soccer even worst, players are disqualified end of May for 3 months, just for the summer (when they find them)

    Why don’t we follow the sport for what it is, a fantastic sport event, as somebody of us does at the stadium on Sundays. An yes cheating is part of the life unfortunately.

    • ummm…

      Feel this way – pro and amateur athletes dope. Life is full of “cheaters”, shortcuts, nepotism, back end deals, graft etc. Doesn’t make it any less compelling. In fact we have learned how to embrace the many colors of life. I don’t care if the winner is doped anymore because it is no longer important. Sport is not a haven of honesty. It is another prism of life. Lets just have fun on our bikes, with our friends, on a sunday morning. Lets have a beer at the end of our rides. Lets see the grace of a Messi scoring a goal etc. Who cares if they are doped. If you don’t want to watch or play pro sports the way they exist, then find another calling that feels more honest.

  • Ugo Zannini

    “UCI clamping down on motorized bikes”….you can’t be serious. The penalty is 6 months suspension…….I’m not sure if that’s meant to be an incentive or a punishment….same old rehashed tripe.

  • Rudyard Josef Lim Ganuelas

    So lemme get this right secret pro… Only who should be sprinting? The sprinters, experienced ones at that. 1. You gotta learn somewhere. You learn by going wih the old guys when you are young, i suppose it is possible that when mcewen was born, he had the power and smarts to sprint with the big boys immediately. 2. Those who have the power to stay upfront in the last 3K are exactly where they should be. Sprinter or not, they paid their ticket for the ride upfront in watts. Maybe the sprinters should get a train going so that they dont have to mingle with the salt of the earth kind of guys.

    You wax poetic about making accusations without evidence as being tough these days. Making accusations without evidence should be tough, and should be liable to legal action. The key word is evidence. I accuse Durbo as the secret pro. He was doping in his hour attempt. Ofcourse I should be laughed at because I do not have evidence, it should not be on the secret pro to prove that he is not Durbo, nor that Durbowas doping.

    Talking about Omerta as being alive and strong is paradoxical especially in light of Fabio vs Greg (FvG). Think about FvG as a new beginning where people are allowed to say what they think, but only if they have proof. How bad can that be. I mean here you are hiding behind a pseudonym.

  • Solaro

    Yeah, those motors are really bumming me out. Guys don’t even pedal up ascents now. And the noise, the noise! The constant whirring of the motors are driving me nuts, why doesn’t anyone hear it?

  • Alfa4

    I dont Know if there is something wrong with Astana, but I know that Landa is a clean rider, very commited about that and if he go to other team who work for him he will be a great climber as he was always very promised. i cant talk about Aru, I dont know. all the riders in Astana this Giro were very strong riders, Luis leon has been a strong rider out of Astana, Cataldo as well, both of there even more than in this Giro.


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