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  • Derek Maher

    I guess the Team can relax now and concentrate on the season.

  • H.Hogan

    When the next Astana positive happens, it’ll be deja vu all over again. Very disappointing to see the UCI’s apparent unwillingness to strip them of their WT status, and the teams inability to take responsibility. Not to mention the lack of contrition from the current riders. Each incident like this brings us closer to WWE status.

  • De Mac

    $$$$ talks and bullshite walks….. unfortunately…

  • Jessy Vee

    Lol… “the absence of further incidents since autumn 2014, it is found that the sanction of a withdrawal, motivated mainly by facts of the past, would not, as of today, respect the principle of proportionality.”

    So, dope a whole heap but if you get caught, just make sure you don’t do anything naughty before they’ve decided how to punish your team.

    Honestly, I believe anyone with a positive test (especially those riders who decline a b sample test) should be banned and thrown off their teams. There needs to be some sort of bigger consequence for teams other than just a fine (because many of them have more than enough money to deal with a fine, and simply laugh at the idea of paying one)… What about: if any member of your team gets caught doping, you automatically lose all world tour points for that current season and you are unable to win any more… Do they care about their WT ranking? I don’t know… *shrugs*

    • CB

      You have to wonder just what a team would have to do to lose their license. It appears (effectively) saying ‘terribly sorry, won’t do it again!’ is enough to get away with anything.

    • Wil

      ‘The absence of further incidents since Autumn 2014’….so they haven’t doped during the off-season or in the Classics, which is hardly a surprise considering Astana don’t really attack the Classics in the same way Lotto or Quickstep do.

      This makes a mockery of the entire process and to some extent, the World Tour. It calls into question Nibbles tour win as well – systematic doping springs to mind. It’s a massive own-goal in my book – teams like Garmin, Sky and so on making a concerted effort to clean the sport up only to have Astana get a slap on the wrists when they’ve blatantly abused the rules in such a manner.

      In my own (rather bizarre) opinion, pro cycling was much more exciting as a spectator sport (certainly during the grand tours) when they were all on the juice. Dangerous, unhealthy and so on but more of a spectacle than the bore-fest when Froome and Wiggo won the tour. But if you’re going to instill in people that doping is bad in an effort to clean the sport up, make sure that those rules are applied and stuck to. Is it fair to assume that everyone on Astana is doping? I think so and therefore Nibbles for me isn’t a credible tour winner. Likewise I struggle now to get excited about Contador following his ban and certainly any team that Riis is involved with. Movistar comes under similar scrutiny and as much as I want to like Valverde, I can’t get past his history.

      McQuaid et al are now gone and yet we still have these same issues. Combine it with pointless rules over bike design, pretty much wholesale ignorance towards womens cycling and you start to think that maybe its time to bin the UCI off and start again…

  • scottmanning

    Nothing has changed has it.


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