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  • Dave


    • Craig

      Or do you mean Moooooo.

      • Dave

        That would be if the stage was won by Contador or Rogers.

  • RayG

    Just watching my recording of the stage. Proper barriers at the finish. Was that so hard, race promoters?

    • It’s actually quite impressive how quickly they were able to mobilise and get that sorted after the stage 6 debacle. Sure, you could argue that they should always have had those extra barriers, but once they decided to get it done, they did so very quickly.

      • velocite

        I agree, it was impressive. Bit it was sad too. Made it look a bit like NASCAR, or cage fighting. Strictly from the armchair, but it strikes me it’s a bit like dooring. Is there no possibility that the riders could leave a bit of clearance between them and the barriers?

        • RayG

          Yeah, I thought they’d just have waist high double barriers a metre or more apart. Maybe there wasn’t room. As someone who races (pretty slowly), I can say there’s no way a sprinting pack could organise themselves to leave an open door along the barriers and not have anyone just use it to win a sprint.

          • Craig

            What about marked lanes a meter out from the barriers for the last 100 or so meters and if you cross them you get relegated??
            Or another set of barriers to keep the punters back a bit. Easy fix I would have thought.
            Just a thought.

            • RayG

              Yes, double barriers. We agree. Racing in non-pro races, where only half the road is closed, you always see riders duck out across the centre line to gain a couple of places, so I doubt lane markings would help, even when there aren’t any lane markings already on the road.

  • PA

    Could we get some way to minimize the results lists? They’re quite unwieldy while navigating down to the comments for race recap articles.

    • Hurtin’ Albertan

      Also I can’t just swipe through them on my iPad. The page seems to “stick” at the results and it takes forever to scroll through.

      Though I do appreciate having all the various results in one place. Sometimes I either already know the results or just don’t care that much who was in 5th or 105th

  • Larry Theobald

    “Nobody spoke about this dark tunnel we rode 5k to go today,” the Lotto Soudal rider said. “Was I the only one scared? It would have been great to have some light inside.” Really? Were the lights that were on (including what looked like extra lights set up just for the race) in this tunnel when we went through a few hours before the finish turned off when the riders arrived? Moreover, this tunnel was clearly shown in the RCS’ “Garibaldi” as well as Bicisport’s Guida del Giro, available on newsstands.

  • James Rider


  • Derek Maher

    Well done Diego a great sprint to the line.
    Regarding the Lotto rider and the dark tunnel,Well if you removed the dark glasses it might help ?.


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