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  • Derek Maher

    Things are tough for Anna with this case hanging over her boyfriend.The US government can be harsh when they want to be.

    • Confused

      You speak as if you know them personally? If so tell me why ‘Anna’s boyfriend’ isn’t in jail for perjury?

      • SCP

        Why? Simple! The legal case is still ongoing…

        • L. Oakes

          You’re like a conversation fixer. Do you ever find yourself saying ‘I’m a fixer’?

          • Dave

            I’ve heard that he’s no longer allowed to attend cricket matches.

      • Dave

        Because the star-struck police refused to pursue it.

  • CC

    Shane you articles are generally Rad, but why keep dragging this and drug crap up. It’s like the voice of cycling keeps validating the stigma, and the ownership of the issue. Just ditch it…. just sayin’

    • De Mac

      The rubbish has to be taken out before the place starts to smell fresh once again…..

      • SCP

        Media has one purpose, to tell stories, stories encourage visitors, visitors view ads, sponsors get paid. Everyone loves a car crash, we only have ourselves to blame.

        • C. Pyne (ACT)

          That sounds like more than one purpose Fixer. And yes you do have yourselves to blame. Unless you read the Australian or listen to Alan on 2GB.


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