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  • Derek Maher

    Interesting,I can however see some couch bound sports fans getting a little motion sickness as they down their coffee and goodies, and scream out at some luckless rider for being a lazy so-in-so for getting dropped on a climb.

  • Dave

    But still no LIVE on-board feeds, just a couple of two second grabs in the highlight video shown the following day. Fail.

    • Peter

      Dave, I’m not sure if you understand the technical difficulties of transmitting live from a moving vehicle, such as a motorcycle, let alone a tiny camera on a UCI-legal bike. Riders don’t want to carry more weight than their competitors and transmission-capable camera gear is still reasonably heavy.

      I guess the first step is to transmit the footage to a nearby motorcycle, which then relays it to helicopters and aircraft above with a stronger signal. I don’t think on-cycle transmitters would have the strength to send the signal direct to the helicopters from the bicycles themselves, though I may be wrong.

      • Dave

        As an AV tech, I’m aware of some of the practicalities. They shouldn’t be an obstacle though, not if off-the-shelf broadcast gear (as used in other sports such as MotoGP onboards, helmet cameras in Twenty20 cricket etc) is used with a low-power transmitter fit for line-of-sight transmission over a short range.

        As for the weight issue, there’s a simple solution if the added weight is less than the ballast being added to bring bikes up to the minimum weight – it’s a copy/paste job from Formula 1. In races with broadcasts, simply require ALL riders have either a dummy camera housing or a real camera, so that none of them are penalised.

        But none of that will happen so long as the whole process is being led by Shimano and Garmin trying to get advertising for their cameras. If the broadcasters want it, changes will happen in no time.

  • dcaspira

    Watching the onboard footage… it brings home how Extreme the sport really is. Often forgotten. Good Article Shane.

  • chiwode

    it’s great footage, especially in the sprints. but other than that, it’s not actually an improvement on what we see from the motos during the main bulk of a race. footage from the early part of a race where riders are trying to get in a breakaway would be fresh, especially because we don’t usually see that in a broadcast.

    on-bike sound, however, would be a really nice addition. hearing a conversation from a breakaway would be welcome. you know, like… Vino: “let me win this LBL and i’ll pay you $100K.” Kolobnev: “okay.” or even just the clicking pawls and the whistle of the wind on a descent.


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