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  • Derek Maher

    Welcome Jennifer and thanks for the tips on getting the right attitude together.
    I trust the ladies will benefit from your experience and it helps the women to improve their results.
    Best of luck all.Derek.

  • Mathias (DEN) – Junior rider

    Getting back on mentaly, after a period off the bike (injury) ?

    • Warwick

      From my experience, the best thing to do is take the computer off your bike. I love numbers so I just put the garmin in my pocket, so I have the data later but am not focussed on it during the ride.
      Most recently I had roughly six months off the bike when our son was born, and the first rides out where hard (mentally and physically). You are always trying to compare where you are at now, to where you were at before the injury or time off the bike. Spending the first month or so just enjoying the ride and not “training” and I think you’ll find your mental and physical form returns faster than if you get back on and tell your self “I have to be doing X or Y to get back to my previous level”.


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