Win your own design: Champion System ‘Kitspiration’ competition

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Cycling is an indulgence that allows us to express our individuality; through the bikes we ride, the shoe-sock combos we sport, the names we give our Strava rides, and most of all, the kit we wear. While there are plenty of existing kit options to select from, we have all thought about what our own design would look like. There are so many sources of ideas for kit designs that the search has spawned its own hashtag #kitspiration.

You have probably worn a Champion System kit at some stage, or at least know someone that has. Champion System provides custom kit for cyclists of all levels, from amateur teams that want their own kit to wear on their Sunday café ride, to local clubs, to the professional teams Champion System sponsors.

We have partnered up with Champion System to find out about your own #kitspiration, and see the designs that you would create if given the chance. We want to see the kit that you would design for the group you ride with, your club, or your weekend crew.

Every month for the next four months (March, April, May, June) we are going to be selecting our favourite kit design, and Champion System will then create your design for you and four mates.

Every entry throughout the next four months will also go into the draw to win an incredible money-can’t-buy experience at the 2016 Tour Down Under with a team that Champion Systems sponsors (details yet to be announced).

How to enter:

1. Download a Champion System artwork template. All you have to do is download a template for either a jersey and gib, or trisuit and get creative.

2. Get designing. We’ll leave the creativity to you, whether it’s drawn with pencils, crayons, texters, or created on the computer, we just want to see your ideas.

3. Send it in. Once complete, email the design to We’ll chose the best ones which we’ll feature on social media and the winners (which will be judged and chosen by Champ-Sys) will be announced. If you upload your design to social media, don’t forget to tag it with #kitspiration. Winners will be contacted directly.

For full details, head to

Good luck and may the best kit designs win!


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