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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
  • sket

    FYI, from the T&Cs: “16. Eligible winners are people with Australian or New Zealand residence only.”

    • Dave

      I’m sure that CS have taken this into account and add a woollen jersey option in case the winner comes from NZ.

      • Neville

        I’m sure they’ll also design some cycling race mits for you with velcro palms if the winner if from NZ.

  • RayG

    Time for us to put up or shut up?

  • A word of advice for anyone sending something in that’s designed by hand with a crayon: make sure any intricate design patterns are drawn larger somewhere so we can get a sense of what it would look like. It might be hard to articulate a detailed pattern without the luxury of zooming in.

  • Simon

    The email that they’ve provided doesn’t work for me. Anyone else experience a problem?

    • Thanks Simon. I’m getting an error too. I’ll make sure this is fixed asap.

  • jules

    this sounds good but with no artistic flair whatsoever I’m going to get my wife onto it.

    • jules

      also i like how the jersey in the main pic has “HTFU” on it, with what likes like a skinny latte next to it :)

  • Alan

    Looks like Wade is going head-on at the hecklers from the “What’s cool in cycling kits in 2015” article.

    • Daniel

      I’ll show those people who disagreed with me in the comments section of that article! And Mrs Rabbitt who refused to give me my pen licence in Year 3 due to lack of fine motor skills!

    • I’ll design a floral kit that nobody will be able to turn away from!

      • yung bitter

        It better be good

  • Tim

    Just curious as to which kit is being won in this competition as Champ-Sys do provide alot. Is it the Razor? The Air Jersey? Another one? Same with Bib shorts. Just curious before i send in a design :)

    • Charlie Champsys

      Hi Tim, The prize each month is for our new CS Pro bib Shorts and CS tech jersey … that said if we really like the kit we may upgrade the jersey and even include our new Intermediate vest!! :-) You will also be able to choose to upgrade and pay the difference and go full pro with our Razor Carbon range!

      • Tim

        Sweet :) Thank you for clarification Charlie :D

  • Sean

    ummm ok, i hope their product has improved.

    • Charlie Champsys

      Hi Sean, when was the last time you wore any of the Champion System range? Also what kit do you currently wear?

      • RayG

        My club uses Champsys. I’ve had close to 10 sets of CS kit, so think I can pass judgement.
        The jersies are fine, as long as you get race cut. The Lazer bibs are fine, but could use longer legs (yes, I order the extra long legs, but still not long enough). Others in the club have not like the chamois. The opinion of the bibs is evident by the number of club members wearing plain black bibs with their club jersies. The kit isn’t super quality but, importantly, this is reflected in the reasonable price. If someone does get the vest, my experience is that the vest fits larger than the same size-labelled jersey, so I order a size down in the vest.

        • RayG

          *Razor* bibs

          • Charlie Champsys

            Thanks Ray – We have now upgraded our Chamois to Dr Pad chamois so the chamois issue has been rectified. The Chamois issue was actually a global one for TMF the italian Chamois manufacturer that is used by many of our competitor. We also replaced every pair of bibs that had an issue, we invested in loan bibs for people who needed a pair of bibs to wear while we remade them a new pair, something that no other company that was experiencing the same issue would commit too. The new pad is world class and a step ahead of the market. The quality is interesting comment and again woud be interested to see what brands and specific products you are comparing it too. Please let me know and we can have an apples for apples discussion about the products being compared. What I can tell you is our garments at every price point are market leading and our high end products typically come in at 30% less than our competitors products for the exact same construction, chamois quality, thread count and material DNA. Vest fitment is unique per rider and where they ride and I suggest ordering a sizing sample if you have any concerns, we can send out sizing samples anywhere in Australia and do so everyday, just call the office and the team will send them the same day. Riders in cooler climates wear more layers in the winter months than say in Sydney or Queensland so when its time to bring out the vest the fit changes from city to city. That said we now have 5 vests to choose from and the top of the line is the most breathable and has the highest weather proofing on the market …. oh and is still 100% sublimatable. Or even better a little birdy told me we will be releasing the first ever fully printable, weatherproof and extremely breathable jersey to the market in the next few days and if you watched the EB in Milan San Remo (Early Breakaway) you would have seen the Lampre Merida rider being the only person in the break that looked to be in full printed kit whilst everyone else was wearing full weather gear …… It will be available to order in any design by the weekend. :-) Keep the questions coming and get your designs in.

            • RayG

              Thanks, Charlie. Yep the chamois on your website look different to the one my comments were based on. And yes, I was told the vest sizing was to allow lots of layers underneath, but not necessary in Sydney. But are the bib legs any longer yet?

  • Pete

    What about Canada Wade?

  • norm

    Time to get that Edmonton Oilers inspired jersey design in quick

    • Cycling is the new golf – something the Oilers are doing lots of lately :P

  • Chris Brown

    whats happened to this, shouldn’t there have been a winner for march announced already?

  • Anon N + 1

    In the interests of full disclosure, the following sentence

    “Every entry throughout the next four months will also go into the draw to win . . . .”

    should have been edited to read

    “Every entry throughout the next four months FROM A RESIDENT OF NEW ZEALAND OR AUSTRALIA will also go into the draw to win . . . .”

    Or it would have been wise to mention this limitation earlier in the article rather than burying it at the end of the Terms and Conditions.

  • Paul Darcy

    I fee sorry for Champ Sys. They do a great product, albeit very basic in quality and over priced. The hipster copycats have taken over.


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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017