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  • Rob

    Something I wonder about – i have ridden a double century (+200kms) a few times and i notice that in the third quarter (100-150kms) i feel pretty terrible. My legs start to ache, hamstrings are tight, energy is low. Its a struggle to keep the pedals turning.

    But then when i push through to the final quarter (+150kms) my legs feel absolutely magic. I can climb standing up, and really finish strong over the next 50kms. Why is this?

    • JoshLyons

      Great question as I too have the same struggle from about 130 to 170kms and then it magically gets better. Why?

  • C Grade Cyclist

    re: the time-trial training question. Is it better to start with the longer intervals (ie 2 x 20min) and then progress to doing the ‘more but shorter’ 5 x 6min – or is it better to start with the 5 x 6min, and then progress to doing the ‘less but longer’ 2 x 20min…?? And a secondary question – in terms of bang-for-buck, if I had to pick one of those sessions per week, which would it be? Thanks!! :-)

  • lefthandside

    The advice you give is eminently sensible – I’m sure a number of readers cast an eye over these posts even if they don’t comment on them. Keep them coming!


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