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  • BRK

    Hey, good article. Very interesting. All the best!!

  • Rowena

    Thanks for sharing

  • Verita, I hope my home town of Tulsa treated you well! We are very proud of what our little race in becoming. Hope you race again!

    • lowercasev

      Tulsa is amazing. That is all. Thanks for the Party.

  • Sounds like you’re living the dream Verita, thanks for the story. :-)

  • Logan

    Okay, I’ll say it. The real riding is in Colorado. You’ll regret not coming out here to ride. We have these things called mountains (that turn me into a rock-like snail) covered with dirt roads. Ask Gus and Lachlan. You’ll remember why it’s fun to ride your bike. It may not be racing, but it’s not easy, either. Have fun in the U.S. of Murica, from Boulder.

    • lowercasev

      I’ll come to Boulder next year Logan. I’ll come and stay longer next year. Just gotta find a team who’ll have me. :-)

  • lowercasev

    A note, I finished 12th in Cry Baby Hill, 16th in the Omnium. Pretty happy with that result!


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