• Jake(Aus)

    Really well thought out article that I’m sure will appeal to most of us mere mortals who are limited for time on the bike! I have to say, as a guy, I’m a bit ashamed I was sceptical about how much uptake there would be for a site like Ella, yet now I find myself checking in here regularly and all the posts are a great read, including the fact that Ella generates such content regularly, meaning we don’t have to wait an age between posts. Thanks to all involved:)

    • Annie.

      My speach. Thanks a lot! There’s nothing alike in the northern hemisphere I’d know off. Hence, I come by regularly and love to read your posts.

      Would love to see those training plans though. :)

      • Anne-Marije Rook

        Annie, the ALP coaches and both your co-editors are all located in the Northern Hemisphere, and we are really aiming to appeal to women everywhere. The beauty of the Internet: world-wide reach

  • zut

    I have read a lot about pedalling technique but did not find anything serious. Ok, a couple of things with the spinscan tool on the computrainer, but no drills, biomechanical analysis or something serious. Just an idea… Thx and sorry for my english… Zut, Québec, Canada

    • Jessi Braverman

      Thanks for the question, Zut. This is definitely one we can pass along to Ali and her team. Cheers! -Jessi

  • ginga_ninja

    This is how I train and I’m a big fan! Since having kids I’ve been doing lots of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions with a coach here in Aus. My improvement in a relatively short amount of time doing HIIT, compared to the hours I used to do BK (Before Kids) is amazing. I really recommend getting into this type of training for anyone who has limited hours.

  • DamSarahDam

    Thanks for the quality and variety of articles Ella.
    My week usually looks like above with racing at the weekends and it does work quite well for me. I do try to fit in easy social rides every now and then, but they are more leisure time than training. I think it’s important for me to do this to remember why we love it in the first place.


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