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July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
July 22, 2017
  • BRK

    Way too expensive for me :(

  • Margeauxt93

    The intermediate Jersey is the best money I ever spent for winter racing. I wear it underneath my team jerseys regularly as I know it keeps some water out and saves me having to add a vest. The best bit is it folds up into a drink bottle and the pockets are cut out on the sides not the top so there’s never a struggle to get stuff out of pockets when time to get in is limited! Highly recommend, nothing else like it.

  • Cogs

    Absolutely nothing Assos produces inspires me, invites me, or even tempts me, to even consider buying their stuff. I’ve had their knicks, but the fabric wears thin far too quickly for my liking. As for “nothing else being like it,” there’s plenty that is like their stuff, just as good, cheaper and way way more stylish. Don’t tell me you don’t want to look stylish.

  • Spider

    How did the kneewarmers perform as far as staying up? I’ve read multiple reviews and comments that they don’t have any silicon on the top and some people find they constantly slip down. How did they go for you?

    My S7 armwarmers are the best I’ve ever used – amazingly warm – a level above everything else, great pattern/shape, good length. Very impressive.

    The winter shorts have been around for a little while (I used to buy roubaix models and chop the knees off), one thing the new materials have done is increase the range of tempretures that they work with…the same short at 0 degrees, when starting out in the dark, will still be comfortable at 14 degrees on the ride home at midday.

    BTW: I think there is an error in the end specs about the vest, says it’s only available in black…pictures are of a red garment.

    • The kneeWarmer was as reliable as the armWarmers. Both have stayed in place without ever being constrictive. That some have had problems with the warmer slipping down suggests a sizing problem. In my experience, it’s the quality of the fit around the arm and leg that dictates how well they stay up (what ever the brand).

      Regarding the colours, I’ve only noted those that the Australian distributor has on hand. There may be other colours available elsewhere.

  • Ron

    That naming convention is ridiculous

    • Halcyon Days

      Completely agree. My other and main criticism is that Assos is just plain ugly.

  • DirectKnowledge

    Great review Matt, but how can ‘race-oriented fit’ be under bad stuff? It one of the best features of Assos for the serious, lean cyclist (going by the photos I’m a very similar build to you) – surely you should put it under good stuff given that Assos’ unashamed approach is to cater for lean riders?

    I agree about the tiburu (and haBu) ranges being the ones to go for- that is where they offer unique protections levels for a racing fit, great versatility and value for money. I find it hard to justify the price for the summer jerseys, although my 5 pairs of s1 Uno bibshorts are still going strong after 4+ years of riding 6 days a week.

    Assos seems to polarise commentators – those who have their clothes love them; those who don’t are very fast to describe them as too expensive. For my part, all I can say is that the bib-shorts and colder weather ranges are so good and long-wearing that the high upfront cost is forgotten pretty quick.

    • The race-oriented fit is bad in the sense that it limits the range of body types that can use this gear. When coupled with the price, it’s like two strikes against the brand for being elitist.

      • DirectKnowledge

        That’s a good point Matt, and I now understand your rationale, although Assos’ deliberate branding strategy is directed towards a narrow (in that sense ‘elitist’) segment of the market. Maybe it’s best to put it in the good column as “Race-oriented fit if you have a race-oriented body” and also in bad column as “Race-oriented fit limits broader market appeal”? By way of analogy, a review of a two-door sports car could more informatively have “not practical for families” as a negative attribute rather than “two-door”.

    • Stompin

      I don’t like the price, I don’t really like the look but when I’ve got a 2 hour ergo on the trainer to do, its my go to bib.

  • Jon Thornton

    I use my Assos Intermediate S7 long-sleeved jersey in spring and autumn. I wear mine over a long-sleeved Icebreaker merino base layer. The combo works really well when the temperature is between 10 and 16 degrees. The wind-blocking fabric on the front of the jersey works really well. My only niggle with this jersey is that it twists at the base when the rear pockets are fully loaded.

  • Chris Lee

    I have quite a few of the items reviewed here. I have never been disappointed with an Assos purchase. I have noticed most people wear standard knicks no matter the temperature, however having used previous generation winter knicks and the new Tiburu knicks they do make a huge difference. The versatility of a winter knick with leg warmers is excellent. The old Assos 851 jacket and gloves still looks and functions as it did on day one which displays the longevity.

    Not reviewed here, however the Habu Jacket is my favourite piece of cycling kit. It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

    • Bueller!

    • Spider

      anyone, anyone…the great depression…pasted the….anyone, anyone….

      I’ve just looked up that jacket solely on the fact that you recommend it with such a great reference!

      Problem with the 851….mine won’t wear out so I can’t buy anything else!

  • horses

    What sort of handlebar tape is that, Matt?

  • Scotty

    Great to see real cycling kit on CT. It’s usually just hipster rubbish being promoted here. Stay focussed guys. The greater market are not gen-y moustached/tattooed urban trendies.


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July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
July 22, 2017