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  • Nitro

    Somewhere in a parallel universe, the situation of teams quitting the organisation they joined to help cycling build its credibility, would be seen as amusing…

  • Kara Thrace

    I wonder if this comes about because the riders are asthmatic? As an asthmatic myself, inhaled corticosteroids only make me “normal” in terms of breathing. Perhaps this should be relaxed a bit for those who are definite asthmatics. Salbutamol [aka Ventolin] levels have to be pretty high for them to be exceeded. That might be an indication that they were taken orally which would be a bit naughty.

  • Arash

    What is amazing especially in case of the Lampre-Merida is the fact that they didn’t do the same when Horner wanted to defend his Vuelta for the very same reason. He had bronchitis throughout the preparation for Tour and then got sick again while in helping Costa.

  • Stompin

    Dodgy Italian cycling teams lol


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