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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
  • roklando

    Bikes of the bunch makes me happy. Do it more often! Please!

  • Paolo

    Love the lion of Flanders cap!

    • leekal

      ….just a little nod to my love of riding there Poalo…..as the green and gold little touches on the bike are a nod to my friends and two boys born in Oz.

  • Chris


  • Andy B

    Nice bike :)

  • Gooda

    So much to love about that bike, soooooo much.

  • dubonb1ke

    Campagyolo is an essential for the custom frames – beautiful bike

    • Joel

      I disagree – any bike deserves campy – lets be honest

  • Adam Fuller

    Sweet bike.

  • Nitro

    I take it that the lettering on the frame was masked before painting so you can see the bare carbon underneath? Is so – coolest bike ever.

    Hoping that others don’t follow the idea but by doing it the trick way (i.e. “Carbon fibre look” lettering stickers) – ‘cos that would instantly make them the worst bikes in the world…

    • leekal

      Yep, thats how it was done….nice isnt it?….. nice to see the carbon when you’re up close :-)

      • Nitro

        Stunning detail

  • Holby City

    Any pictures with the Fulcrum Racing Zero Nites?

  • SteveAck

    Nice build. I would like to know what names in the pro peloton he has built bikes for, and what bikes.

    • Sean Doyle

      The list is loooong and varied.

    • Goldstein Cycles

      Top secret and Marco won’t divulge.. of course…

  • Joel

    half your luck getting to do all of those sportives as well – sweet looking bike

    • leekal

      To be honest joel its one of my favourite things about riding here… its strange but not only do many Germans have a completly false idea of the Ruhr area (i can be in beautiful countryside 5 minutes from my door), but its also just 2 hours drive from the Ardennes and a about 3 to Flanders….looking foward to the Spring Classics gets me through the winter! :-)

      • Hi leekal,
        my sister lived in Dortmund for a few years. I´ve never been there for road cycling but I was amazed how good you could go out with the MTB there. And I live in one of the best regions for mounbtainbikingin Germany.
        I learned in school that the Ruhr area is dirty and ugly. Black coal dust everywhere and lots of unfriendly people.
        Edit: it´s called Drei Länder Giro, not Drie Länder Giro ;-)

        • leekal

          Stimmt! -Drei Lander it is (sorry English keyboard!)…… yes, thats the picture many have bu to my mind and experiencet totally false…..or about 30 years out of date :-) i think its very similar to the Yorkshire area in the UK, in both the landscape and of course both were the cradle of their respective countries industrial revolution so home to coal mining, steel production etc. However, both have very beautiful rivers and landscape, both are very hilly with short sharp step climbs and both have found smart new ways to reinvent their industrial past and heritage. As for the people, i like ’em! They’re my kind of people in that theyre generally straightfoward and speak their minds plainly ….. eypecially the oldies. Ithink the fact the the area has a very hard history has given most people a ppretty”up-front” approach that theyre proud off! ….or as the aussies say “they call a spade a f***ing shovel!” :-) As for road riding it has everything I want aparrt from maybe some longer climbs ….if you want to go flat you go towards Dortmund or Munster and if i want lots of hills igo south and its a “mini Ardennes”. Try it! ….lots of nice routes on my strava page if you ever want any! :-)

          • Kim

            Hi Leekal
            I am very envious of the events you are able to particpate in. i am traveling to Europe (from Perth, WA) next year and anm planning to do a few sportives. Which ones will depend on timing. Most of my holiday will be in Spain and Portugal but I can either do the spring classics before the holiday or have a go at riding events in the Pyrenees, Dolomites and or Alps after the holiday part of the trip. I understand every second year there is a separate Paris – Roubaix, early June, with next in 2016. This is separate to the sportive the day before the Classic. Do you know anything about this event?

            • leekal

              Hi Kim….yes, it´s run by these guys….http://www.vc-roubaix-cyclo.fr/site/ . You are right the next edition is 2016. There are also two other series run in Belgium that are very good, smaller in scale than the “big 3” (Flanders, PR and LBL…..obviously if you come all the way from Oz you want to do something like that, but after doing them a few times I´m starting to wonder if Flanders is frankly just over-subscribed…..with 14,000 participants a bit of rain and you find a lot of people who wouldn’t be able to ride the grades without the difficult conditions putting feet down in front of you and on something like the Paterberg, once that happens you´re walking with everyone else). The 2 series I like a lot attract much fewer numbers, but are still marshalled with feed stops etc. They run throughout the season….. https://ddv.proximuscyclingchallenge.be/en (click centr top for a drop down calendar of all the events http://www.sport.be/cyclingtour/2015/nl/ …..http://www.seankelly.be/ is another Ardennes based ride as is http://www.sport.be/laphilippegilbert/ . If you wanna be really adventurous there is a ride combining bits of Flanders and PR (they´re closer than you think!) http://www.superklassieker.be/.
              Hope that helps…..just remember though…you´re a long way from home….we met some Aussies at PR who were hopelessly equipped for the weather (rain, windy and about 5´) and one of whom then crashed and broke a shoulder – not a nice way to start a trip. It´s a shame to travel all that way and then have it spoilt because you don’t have the right clothing or bring deep dish carbon wheels and/or wrong gearing to the high mountains etc. Hope you have a great trip!

              • Kim

                Hi Leekal, thanks for the advice. I am new to road cycling so any advice is greatfully received. I am/will be doing what I can to prepare but needless to say that here in Perth there is not a lot I can do to prepare for cobbles or 20+ kilomertre Alp like climbs. I like the look of the Anfrea Tafi, Fleche Wallonie and Tilff – Bastogne – Tilff. These look like they may fit into my schedule, especially as my wife would like to visit the Champagne region of France (good cheer all round). This would allow a taste of the Ardennes as well as a mountain gran fondo or 2 either side of the holiday portion of my trip. I can’t get a lot of detail as these events are now past (and of cousre the language barrier). From your experience do any these three events have cobbled sections? cheers

                • leekal

                  Kim….. ok, well you wont get any cobbled sections on either Fleche or Tilff (apart from a couple of nothing bits in Stavelot and Liege maybe) and generally you won’t find that stuff in the Ardennes (lots of leg busting steep climbs though!). Andrea Tafi Classic is quite nice though as it has the Bosberg and arguably the nicest of all the famous cobbled climbs, that being of course the Muur/Kapelmuur up to the chapel in Geraardsbergen. The cobbles on both these sections aren´t really bad, with only a short section of the Muur being a little rough towards the top. Fleche is in my opinion a nicer course than LBL, on quieter roads but in the same area and landscape. It does both Le Redoubte and Stockeu, Col De Rosier, Cote de Wanne, amongst others, but not Cote de La Roche aux Falcons (maybe a good thing! :-) ). If you wanna know more about the climbs go to amazon or somewhere and get yourself a little book called “Hellingen” by Simon Warren….it´s a good little pocket guide to the climbs in Belgium.

  • Simon

    Lovely bike and paint job with nice attention to detail. My only aesthetic concern is the rear triangle tubing shape. I would prefer rounder tubing profiles particularly on the chain stays. Any reason the frame builder chose the squared shape?

    • leekal

      Not sure either Simon, but i can tell you it certainly seems to work! ….. in terms of the specs i required of it from Marco, its delivered in spades…. a lot of my local roads are like a mini Ardennes areas shrunk in a “hot wash!” (Ie its very up and down with constant 10% + grades every 5 km) and just about 300 met3rs lower!

    • Cause those are stock Deda items. Nice rear ends, carbon dropouts, but still- stock.

  • DocAdrian

    Beautiful bike Lee. I like the finishing touches i.e. Oz bands on fork and seat tube, Flandrian lion cap etc. More importantly you are riding the hell out of it. Amazing number of rides you’ve gone to. Don’t forget the high mountains.

    • leekal

      Working on the summer holiday diary now Adrian! ;-) ….possibly the Alps with Raf around the area we can ride Joux Plan, Col de Criox Fere, Galibier etc, then maybe Ventoux with the guys later in the summer….are there ANY youve got left to do? ;-)

    • leekal

      I also got asked numerous times “are you really gonna ride that at PR?”…..to which the answer was “of course!….its a “real bike” not an “art bike”…..it would pointless asking Marco for those specs and then not using it in anger…..certainly dont belive in “hanging them on the wall” as you well know! ;-)

  • Andy Man

    What bar tape do you have installed?

    • leekal

      Superkaz Andy….. gotta say i’m very happy with it – nice feel.

      • Voltz

        Lee, great machine. Looks the business.
        I am running superkaz – agree – very nice feel and seems durable. How do you compare the FMB/Nemesis combination in feel to other tyres that you’ve tried? I running veloflex roubaix on my nemesis at the moment. Will put vittoria pave’s on next.

        • leekal

          Hi Voltz…..the FMB’s are quite simply the best I’ve ever ridden….obviously a bit pricey, but I just put them on for about a month from March onwards and now they are back in the cellar waiting for next year. They ride beautifully. I did have some issues with the tread delaminating and pulling apart from the casing on the first set, but the English distributors where i bought them from were very good and simply replaced them for me immediately. I’d say they are better than the Veloflex’s although I’m a longtime fan of the Veloflex as well. Tried the Vittoria last year and wasn’t a massive fan to be honest….felt nowhere near asa good as the others, and don’t believe they’re as durable as the others but you know how it is…..one rider’s “lucky” or good brand of tires can be the bane of their lives to another, so take your pick! :-)

          • I run FMB’s on my race wheels. Brilliant and I’m yet to puncture.

          • Wil

            Hi leekal

            Truly lovely looking bike, I’ve been all about discs lately but that is a stunner and is making me reconsider!

            Quick question – where did you get the FMB’s from in the UK? I’ve been after a set and can’t find them


  • leekal

    Thanks all… glad you like it. Big thanks goes out to those who made it happen, especially Andreas Mueller, Felice Santoro at Cycling Projects in Sydney, Heiko at 2RadNapierella in Hontrop and of course Marco and Manuel at Legend. Also all those fantastically kind and welcoming friends who have introduced me to riding here in Germany and Belgium, especially my charity Spoocha riding buddies and Raf Van Overstraeten, my Belgian pilot fish and guide in both riding and beers ( :-) ), and Andy Verral at MTN -Qhubeka for refining and taking my love for Paris Roubaix to another level! – can there possibly be a better PR expeeirence than riding a wet rainy and windy PR one day and then driving an official team car as a zone hopper inthe ra ce itself the next day?!! …..i doubt it! And finally to all my mates back home, it was great to see a couple of you out here for Spring…. cant sayi miss riding in Sydney, but you’re welcome here anytime! – especially Spring! :-)

  • velocite

    Nice project. I’m wondering what fork rake – I’m assuming you mean offset – you ended up with. Also, which bottom bracket, which headset?

    Oh, and did you consider discs?

    • leekal

      Not sure about the headset actually, butnits just a plain old english threaded Campy BB and most definitly i did consider discs but only for the 0.2 seconds it took me to get no from the brain to the tongue!…..waste of time, money and bloody ugly in my eyes….dead against them in the pro peleton also…how long before someone gets “razored” on the bottom of a sprint pile-up?…..give it 6 months at the most. I also think braking is mostly reliant on tire grip at the end of the day and does anyone really need more tha a decent set of shimano or campy brakes? …..i think maybe on full-on gravel/cyclocross bikes there might be a place…..but they’re still dog ugly! ;-)

      • velocite

        Fork offset? I’m interested in this because I’ve just resurrected my steel framed 1980 Apollo IV, and it feels so different, in part because of the geometry. My normal bike has a similar geometry to yours, same head tube angle, which is common, but the Apollo has 74.5 degrees with an offset of 53, huge, giving a trail of only 40, tiny.

        • sss

          The low trial is why my old Apollo IV handles so well with a handlebar bag. Fat tyres and mudguards make it perfect for commuting on.

    • Sean Doyle

      It looks to be 45 with a resultant trail of 55.5 going off the numbers in that picture.

  • Tom Adams

    These are great bikes, a friend imports them into Australia, and they look even better in the flesh.

  • Mark Kirk

    Love this bike, so classic looking and timeless.

  • VK

    Has carbon fibre design come so far now that steerer tube protrusion above the stem is no longer necessary to reduce top stem bolt clamping stress on the edge of the steerer? I have noticed a lot of builds have disregarded this fundamental practice..

  • De Mac

    Now THAT is NICE!

  • Nate

    Thats a beautiful bike. There’s not a thing i would change about that build. (Except i like my brakes the other way). I also have a custom frame and the idea of going back to a stock frame after riding something made for you and your purpose is not an option anymore. Nice to see its used on some of the best roads on earth too. Bravo!!

    • leekal

      Thanks Nate….. it certainly gets hammered don’t worry about that!….it was designed with specific purposes in mind and its done a fantastic job in delivering everything I asked of it! …. so far it´s clocked about 5-6k in the 4 or 5 months I´ve had it, and included Omloop Van Vlaanderen, Het, the Ronde, PR, LBL, Fleche (DNF wheel problem on the zipps), Andrea Tafi Classic, etc……so it´s certainly not a pampered coffee shop bike ;-) ….I have some more “classic type” rides in mind like the Sean Kelly Classic, back to do a longer version and complete Fleche (nicer course than LBL in pretty much the same area, and then some mountains proper!

  • sss

    A lovely bike. It looks really good with the FMB’s and Ambrosio rims. The new Campagnolo crank design is starting to grow on me.

  • Derek Maher

    Thats one class looking machine you have there Lee.
    I wish you many happy miles with it.


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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017