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  • jules

    i’m not buying it. he’ll definitely hold back at Route du Sud. he’ll use it partly to measure rivals like Quintana, but won’t give them much info on his true condition. that’s my tip.. of course he may still tire at the Tour anyway.

  • Cameron Harris

    Initiate sand-bagging sequence… Now!

    • Cameron Harris
    • AliceFEllis

      [email protected]


  • Samaway

    Can you perhaps try for some editorial consistency with your numbers? It’s rare to find an article on here where its all sorted. I love you guys, but it bugs the shit out of me when you do stuff like this :)

    “beating runner-up Fabio Aru by one minute 53 seconds and the latter’s Astana team-mate Mikel Landa by three minutes and five seconds.”

    • Jarrod Cusens

      That is actually the convention for writing numbers. Number under 10 are spelled out and numbers over 10 are written as numerals. Admittedly it’s a bit weird with times but still technically correct.

      • Samaway

        Yes, but read it again. There are two times given, each written in a different style.

        • Jarrod Cusens

          No, they are written in the same style following the convention I described. “[O]ne minute and 53 seconds and the latter…by three minutes and five seconds.” Every number less than less than ten (i.e. one, one and five) in spelled out and every number over ten (i.e 53) is written in numerals.


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