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  • Holby City

    Ahead of the Tour de France, CT should do a “how to pronounce” segment. If you want ideas, here are a few:

    Week one: Champs Elysee. Do not pronounce the P! And the M sounds more like a nasal N.
    If you need help, the original song will teach you!

    Bonus lesson: At the Dauphine they rode near the Mont Blanc. Amazing how many people/commentators get this famous mountain wrong. You don’t pronounce the T or the C. It sounds like Mon Blon.

    • Pete

      Yes, French is easy – just shorten the words and mumble.

    • Dave

      I’ll stick with me bogan pronunciations thanks – palobunch, parry roobay, smashin it, gero de Italy, tour of france etc..

    • velocite

      Why do we spell and say Milan instead of Milano? And do you say ‘paree’ for Paris? Probably not. And what about Le Mans? Do you say Le Mon? Better to Anglicize than to mumble apologetically, IMHO.

      • Holby City

        I think you can still Anglicize but make an effort. Champs Elysee with a P is just cringe-worthy.

        • Simon

          OT but I sympathise with your intentions as Aussies are very lazy ime with their attempts at proper pronunciation. Speak with any post war migrant about the names they were given because hardly anyone made an effort to pronounce their given name. (There is no sweeter sound to a person’s ear than the sound of their own name.)

          • CapeHorn

            You might be right, but you might not be.
            I have a fairly common name, biblical in origin, and yet it seems that most people cannot spell it. Indeed, someone decided to be ‘helpful’ at work, and ‘corrected’ the spelling of my name in our internal systems. (“But you name is spelt this way, you must be wrong” – said to my face…) It seems that the only way to have this corrected is by leaving and coming back to a different position.
            We can try to educate, or you can just try not to let it bother you. I chose the second option.

        • Dave

          Anglicise only where there is actually a recognised Anglicised version.

          Paris, Milan – good.

          ChomPs Elleesay – bad.

          • Holby City

            The pitfalls of autocorrect. Thanks for the rather ironic correction :-)

    • Mate.

      Yeah, and people (aussies) should learn how to pronounce keirin too. It’s bloody KAY-RIN.

  • John_Irvine

    Nice to see Sky have joined EQS in the caps, not hats movement. Froome could still work on his luft, though.

  • velocite

    Obviously the hit and run driver should be hit with a substantial penalty/punishment, both for the hit and for the run. But this video draws attention quite well to something else. Sharing the road is a principle not just for cars. Although riding two abreast is perfectly legal in Victoria I avoid it in cases where it would hold up the traffic, which includes busy two lane roads like the one in this video. I am very much in favour of the 1/1.5m clearance rule for cars because it provides a clear guideline for car drivers on how to share the road. I don’t know a neat way of expressing the rule ‘two abreast is fine except when to do so would block the traffic, and if such a situation arises while you are two abreast you have 20″ to revert to single file’, but I believe that should be the rule.

    And I notice that in this case the Fly6 did not catch the rego.

  • Allez Rouleur

    Nice to see rice cakes from someone other than that liar Allen Lim.


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