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  • Kieran Degan

    That photo of Gilbert winning in the rain is phenomenal. Good work Cor Vos. Very sad he’ll miss the Tour. There are a few stages where it would have been great to see him against the likes of Valverde, Gerro, Kwiatowski etc.

    • Simon

      Hmmm …..but his “sensations” were exceptional despite an apparent undiagnosed broken leg bone!

  • Abdu

    Maybe a good time for Nick Green to quit the long lunches and PR schmoozing and earn his big bucks as CEO of Cycling Australia…?
    If this is his first test, he’s looking shaky….

  • xponti

    Would love to see what a full blown Aussie mixed team could do. Mears, Morton, Perkins and Glaetzer versus a GB or French team…

    • donncha

      Can anyone remember what’s the point of these races?

      The IOC’s being trying to slim down the Olympics for quite a while now, hence the loss of a bunch of traditional track events. Are they going to force the UCI to replace more track events with new events like this?

      • Dave

        It could allow cycling to gain an extra event without increasing the number of athletes in attendance.

        The ‘lost’ track events were not lost, they were swapped from men’s events to women’s events so they were equal in number.

        • Faz

          Didn’t a track event lose its place from the inclusion of BMX?

  • jules

    the Inrrng article on MPCC makes some good points, but also misses some. the use of voluntary codes – which the MPCC is an example – is common in many industries. it is a way of lifting standards, beyond relying solely on regulation. I sympathise with Inrrng’s proposal that the MPCC standards should be mandated. but where Inrrng missed the mark is in dismissing the MPCC, due to its voluntary status and violations of its standards by (former) member teams. this is actually a very useful process – as it allows cycling fans to see very clearly which teams are serious about anti-doping and which are pushing the boundaries. sure, it would be good to have the standards in the mandatory WADA code, but until then – MPCC is playing a useful role. people should recognise that.

    • donncha

      I think the problem is that some teams are confusing MPCC’s legitimate self-regulation with the sort of self-regulation often found in business, where the regulations are designed to make it appear that something’s being done, when in actual fact nothing has really changed. ;-)

      • jules

        I think some people are also confusing MPCC with a regulatory regime and confused about why they can’t take stronger action against member teams. it’s a voluntary scheme. it’s up to the UCI or WADA to make it mandatory. it’s misguided to blame MPCC for their failure to do that.

      • Dave

        I see what you did there, nice one :D

  • velocite

    Dogs Gilbert up the Mur de whatever, comes over Sagan.. Is Matthews a chance for the Green Jersey?

    • jules

      if he doesn’t run out of hair gel again, he should be able to make it to Paris.

      • velocite

        A bit uncalled for Jules? Anyhow, you think no comparison? He and Sagan are both 24, and while Sagan is proven over 3 weeks and Matthews not, I would have thought he could well step up.

        • jules

          I wasn’t making a point there, I was just being silly. I love Matthews, he is a champ in the making. I think he can do it – if not this year, then soon.

          • velocite

            Ah, thanks for that. Contempt bad but silly good!

      • Dave

        I’m sure Matthews will be pleased that people are comparing him with such a top rider as Cancellara.

  • Wish I was on the bike…

    Hey Wade and team, There are no websites I visit more often than this one. A daily feast of cycling news and thoughtfulness. The comments are insightful and often humorous. Great stuff. Also, there is no website I visit with more intrusive advertising. Normally I’d be navigating elsewhere. Particularly on the iPhone, with intrusive banner ads on the upper and lower parts of the screen. I’ve not worked out how to close or remove the ad from the upper part of the screen. Rather than take this as congratulations on balancing the advertising and hit rate, please take it as a plea to reduce the intrusive nature of advertising. Yes, I know a great product like this doesn’t come for free. Congratulations on the great content!

    • Thanks for the feedback and sorry about that! We’ll have a look and see what we can do.

  • Derek Maher

    Peter Sagan does seem to be getting his act together.Got to hand it to the team owner he sure knows how to motivate.
    Best of luck to Carmen Small,Keep tucked into the bunch and avoid headwinds.
    Oh and a very Happy Birthday to Eddy Merckx 70 today.


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