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July 28, 2017
July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
  • ruski

    Tinkoff still not happy with Sagan. Sagan seems to be winning his fair share of races (anyone would be happy with the wins he’s netted so far).

    Sooner or later somethings going to break. My bet is Tinkoff will pay Sagan off for an early contract release. Sagan will find a sprinters team to slot into.

    • donncha

      Yep. Sagan’s onto a very good thing financially, so no way he’ll walk unless he gets a large payout. He’s generally doesn’t need massive team support to do what he does, unlike a pure sprinter or a GC guy, so any lack of support from the team probably won’t bother him too much.

      • Sagan has a great contract, but he under performs, for the “expectation” or promise, he showed in classics, several seasons ago.

        Many will say his wins so far are good enough, and list them off, but once he hit the big buck contracts, his motivation didn’t match, expectation.

        Tingkov – an enthusiastic fan, running a cycling team, with an open cheque book.
        His mistake to offer so much, and he hates that. Character and a half, but it’ll end in tears and a tantrum

    • Daniel

      There is also the possibility that the Oleg show goes on for another year or two and he doesn’t get the results he wants so he takes his bat and ball and heads home, leaving everyone in the lurch. He’s all smiles now with Contador having taken the last two grand tours, but he’ll be back to sulking if things don’t go his way in the future.

  • velocite

    I see Matthews pulled out of the Tour de Suisse before Stage 5. Why? Didn’t fit with his TdF training plan?

    • Kieran Degan

      I think so. Racked up a few more UCI points for the team and getting ready for the tour in other ways i spose.

  • Michele

    Seriously, this sport is stuffed.

    He’s JD saying cheats still prosper in cycling, followed by this headline:


    Love for someone to explain the difference between the Hog and Saiz.

    • TV Time Tommy

      Yup. And that bang you heard was my head slamming into the keyboard.

    • RooBay

      Now the cancer really has returned to the sport. God help us.

    • jules

      Saiz wasn’t convicted. So basically if prosecutors didn’t accumulate enough evidence to prove you were a doping manager – beyond reasonable doubt – you’re good to go. Even if there was a pile of evidence against you that makes it extremely likely that you were a doping manager. Imagine going for a job interview like that – “Tell me, how do you handle deadlines?” “Well, you can’t prove I missed all my deadlines. They tried, but I they didn’t prove it.” “OK, well that seems to check out. I suppose we’ll have to offer you the job then. Congrats!”

      • Michele

        Don’t agree with that analogy.

        There was enough evidence. More evidence on him than gathered against Bruyneel. If Manolo ran the US Postal ship, fair to say he would have a life ban now too. Heck, even Vino distanced himself from him; and that was before he got busted.

        My big issue is there is some idiot out there, who’s willing to entrust Manolo to look after some U23s.

        A few years ago – when West Coast Eagles where known as the West Coke Eagles – there was talk about parents blocking their sons from being drafted to them.

        If you were the parent of a 20 year-old child and Saiz was now managing them, how would you feel?

        Using your analogy; evidence or not, they didn’t have to offer Saiz the job.

  • TV Time Tommy

    So, to summarise: (i) in Germany we see a movement to criminalise doping, supported by high profile German pro cyclists = a step forward; (ii) in Spain we see the reigns of U/23 and amateur cycling teams handed over to former DS with a VERY shady doping-related past = a step backward; (iii) elsewhere in Europe a spurned ex-UCI President who desperately craves some relevance wants to white-ant the CIRC report (and is probably plotting a coup/stroking a cat) = a leap into the gutter.

    Oh pro cycling, long may our love-hate relationship continue…

    • CapeHorn

      Love the line “plotting a coup/stroking a cat” Must remember it for future use.

  • Derek Maher

    Something,s very odd about the Hanna Solovey story,Two very different versions are being reported by the interested parties.Well apart from Hanna herself,Hope she is okay given the way things are in Ukraine.
    Ah Manolo Saiz and the mighty ONCE Team that brings back memories,It will be interesting to follow the exploits of his new Spanish Team.
    So the Germans are going to jail sports people (Only in Germany) for doping,Better watch the caffine intake lads and lassie,s.

  • Derek Maher

    I must confess to looking forward to Hein Verbruggen’s document release.If you thought that the battle of the sprinters was rough its nothing compared to the infighting of the boardrooms of sporting organisations.

  • Ross

    Love the “Make Your Own Shortcut” video! Guy is like a less extreme version of MacAskill or Martyn Ashton. Surprised the bike shop didn’t replace his rear tyre…

  • Chop

    GCN “hampster pants” lol funny

  • Abdu

    Spanish cycling continues to be a very dodgy business.
    How can we consider any of their cyclists to be clean, when their own national cycling body allows Carlos Saiz to run a junior team?
    I thought the UCI banned him from the sport? Not for being a major influence in Alberto Contador’s career, but for being the dirtiest doping cheat of a team boss ever.

  • SantoMoreno

    I was disappointed to not find any Aldro advertisement in verbruggen.ch…

  • Winky

    Enjoyed the “shortcut” video but surely, the rules of style dictate that no cyclist should ever have more facial hair than Fabian Cancellara does. (Luca, I’m looking at you too)

  • CC

    Someone please create a mini-series. This is oscar material… “The report turned out to be just one more political manoeuvre, rather than an exercise in fact finding and truth seeking”

  • Derek Maher

    John Degenkolb is a great pro racer,However slagging off another pro team is not a nice move(VeloNews).Leave that to the armchair twitter people please.

  • Sean Doyle



    As others have said that right there is one of the major problems.


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July 28, 2017
July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017