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  • Tim Ashton

    Anyone know where that cover photo is? Amazing

    • Marcus

      Iceland. It says it just above the sharing buttons.

      • Dave

        I think we’ve had that one a couple of times before.

        Not far to go before it could be as ubiquitous as the doping control caravan ;-)

        • Robert Merkel

          Jered has dozens of terrific photos from that series – I don’t think we’ve seen that specific one before.

          If you can hold a camera level and get a nice day, it’s pretty hard not to take amazing looking photographs in Iceland.

      • Arfy

        What? It’s not Zwift Island?!

  • jules

    “[Riis].. admitted to ADD”

    I knew it. no wonder he couldn’t get along with Tinkov.

  • Dave

    Now we know why Riis put up with having Oleg Tinkov around his team, it was all a tactic to ensure even Anti Doping Denmark would take pity on him and agree he had been punished enough already.

  • Anon N + 1

    ” . . . this bike was the impetuous behind Specialized . . . .” Auto-correct strikes again?

    • Dave

      Think that was Freud, not the auto-correct!

  • Dave

    Who was the eleventh member of the 11 man shortlist alongside the ten listed in the article?

    I think they are keeping one spot open for a possible entry of Kevin Pietersen, as part of a Sky cross-promotion for their coverage of The Ashes series starting in a couple of weeks. Peter Kennaugh will bowl at first change for England, because even a cyclist has more pace than Chris Jordan.

    • Arfy

      Pietersen pulled out when the UCI announced no RV’s allowed. Kennaugh would be a good selection, his cyclist’s run-up will cause the Aussies to laugh so hard they won’t have a chance. Especially if he tries it in cleats.

      • Gordon

        Is it Friday already? These are the sort of comments (that I have been known to be involved in) that usually appear on a Friday when everyone is in wind down mode and has the CBF’s.
        I thought Pietersen was not happy because he was not selected for the South African team.

        • Oakie

          Pieterson has already documented in his next autobiography the shocking allegations of poor management and primadonna-ism in the Sky camp. Easiest job I the world for the writer of the book… ‘Find…Replace…’

          • Conconi – The Original Master

            Well David Walsh did ghost write KP’s rather crap book, so he’ll have no trouble linking him to Team Sky.

    • Conconi – The Original Master

      Jordan usually averages between 88-90 mph and is quicker than both Anderson, Finn and even Broad, which makes your rather lame joke lame.

  • donncha

    Looking forward to The Bike Lane on Sunday…

    • Sean Doyle

      That elephant hasn’t left, has it?

  • Hamish Moffatt

    And Jesse Carlson is still 200 miles ahead of 2nd place in the Trans Am bike race. Champion.

    • Barry

      It’s been great to watch on the tracker, pushing out to near 300mi lead now. Outstanding ride.

  • Arfy

    Disappointed in the GCN Show. I thought it was going to be an analysis of who had the best bed-time doping regime, Contador or Quintana?

  • Derek Maher

    Its an interesting comment on womens pro cycle racing that Lizzie Armistead considers the Olympic one day road race the height of her racing ambition.Compare that to what a male pro racers goal would be.A grand Tour or classic one could safely say.There is no doubt that the ladies badly need a major move by the UCI to put womens racing up in class by several moves.Promote harder longer one day classics and get stage races much nearer to the events in terms of distance and stage numbers their male counterparts battle through.The media may well sit up and give a lot more attention to womens racing plus give the viewers more to cheer about.

    • Rodrigo Diaz

      Big part of that is funding. In many countries “pro” women get paid very poorly and still hold a job to make ends meet. You make the Olympic system? That often has a stipend, coach support, equipment – and the damn thing is actually on TV.

      • Derek Maher

        Hi Rodrigo,I agree the funding is low for women.However if the UCI insist on treating the ladies as delicate little flowers with short race distances and avoid major climbs in their events, The women will always be treated as a side show and will not grab media attention.This leads to lack of sponsership or cut rate Team backing,Low wages for pro riders.Poor prize money.
        Thanks also Dave I agree with your post fully.Now I am not saying the ladies don,t give their best at the races they have at the moment its just they are not given an even playing field to prove to the sporting world what they could be capable of.Also when it comes to endurance I think the women would not be found wanting.

        • Rodrigo Diaz

          Those are different issues, and you could debate chicken-egg for a bit. To wit: CX races are on the exact same course and but for a few exceptions the women’s race is still considered a sideshow. Remember races were started as publicity – a newspaper started the tours to sell cycling news, not like someone put the race and the coverage became compelling. It’s very complex.

          My answer was just factually stating why the Olympics are so important for the women’s peloton – that’s the one race people will watch and will get you a good pay (not just on the day, but for 2/4 years depending on the cycle managed). That’s a big deal! I know several women racers, some that have done world cups and so and it’s a tough gig (it’s tough for the men as well, I know a few borderline pros and making it is tough as hell as well).

    • Dave

      I agree with increasing the difficulty – that Melissa Hoskins just won the climber’s jersey in a top level race is concerning.

      The first step would be to improve the women’s races in the road world championships. Currently they are only 50% of the length of the men’s races, the UCI should lengthen them by ten percentage points a year so that in three years the women are racing 80% of the course, which is closer to full length than to half length.

      The second step would be for the women to race on the same climbs as the men in the cycling heartland countries of France and Italy, so we can see some selective races instead of a bunch kick every time. The bike races that casual viewers tune in for are the Tour de France, the Giro d’italia and Paris-Roubaix – all races where you don’t need an encyclopaedic knowledge of the sport to see there’s a contest against the course. I’d watch more women’s races if they got a bit more meaty, give us some real action to watch for the last half an hour instead of just the last half a minute!


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