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July 28, 2017
July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
  • Dave

    So, it’s no surprise to see that Matt Goss has missed selection for the Tour de France.

    I’ve heard that his search for a 2016 contract will be sponsored by Coles – down down, prices are down!

    • Gus

      Goss Needs An Invite To Thereabouts 3.0

    • Godon

      While I agree his price will be low it is still more than I am going to get offered to race my bike.

      He also has a Milan San Remo trophy. I don’t.

      • Conconi – The Original Master

        Yep, it’s easy for keyboard warriors to tee-off from afar.

        • Bracksy

          It’s also easy for people posting ‘keyboard warrior’ comments to other keyboard warriors to tee-off from afar.

          • Conconi – The Original Master

            You suggesting I teed-off on Dave do you? By calling him a keyboard warrior?

            I’m more than happy to say that to Dave’s face. Keyboard warriors – by their nature don’t.

            I’m also pretty confident Dave wouldn’t have the gumption to say to Goss what he wrote above. I wish he would. And I wish I was there when he said it too.

            Hence, why I stand by original comment.

        • jules

          while I think Goss has suffered from the high expectations he’s set for himself, which is a bit unjust, it’s still true that he’s under-performing. I hope he recovers his form.

          • Conconi – The Original Master

            I agree with your thoughts. And I reckon you’d struggle to find someone to make a case that Goss’ results and performances are anywhere near as consistent with where he was when he rode for HTC.

            What we don’t know is why. Is it simply a lack of motivation? Or did he become comfortable on his OGE salary and simply stopped trying?

            Maybe he just doesn’t like the sport as much as he once did. Maybe he doesn’t want to be a cyclist anymore but just doesn’t know how to get out of the sport; perhaps he feels he has no other skill sets to fall back on.

            Maybe he is struggling with some personal demons of some type.

            Some people might say ‘Goss is an easy target and he rightfully deserves to be for his insipid performances’.

            I share your sentiments Jules. I hope he recovers his form, and I wish him well – be it as a pro bike rider, or a retired bike rider all the best. At the end of the day, he’s a person who has concerns, fears and insecurities just like we all do.

          • jakub

            I’d say there is something more to this than high expectations he’s set for himself. I remember seeing him during Amstel Gold Race this year, where he got caught behind the peloton quite early (maybe 60k into the race?), trying to bypass barriers in Valkenburg to get back to his team bus. That itself was quite a funny situation, as the volunteer guarding the barriers apparently didn’t give a shit about him and didn’t let him go through. But back to the point, that guy on the bike certainly didn’t carry a physique of a top-class sprinter. He seemed overweight at least 7-8kg with a round belly, looking more like a an average Joe from your local pub who smashes few pints every night. I should still have the photo in my phone :)

        • Winky

          I’m always intrigued by the notion of ad hominem attacks from afar by we so-called “keyboard warriors”. The riders depend on us being interested in what they do in order to be paid to do it. If we don’t have heroes and villains, where is the interest? They’re all good guys? Isn’t it the discussion, good and bad, what keeps it interesting?

      • De Mac

        Yep agree there. Whilst he may have lost his way in the past few years, no-one can take MSR away from him – or all the other achievements he’s had. Hopefully, he’ll find his groove – whether on, or off the bike and move forward.

  • Simon

    Great to see Zak Dempster riding his second tour.

  • jules

    I can’t decide about Sastre. he seems to keep his nose clean. could he be the first clean winner of the Tour, of his era?

    • Gordon

      I would love to thinks so but doubt it.

      He is Spanish (and that is not doing the “all Aussies are clean the rest of the world are cheats”). Nuf said

      • jules

        i don’t buy the spanish=doping line. sure, there is definitely a culture of doping there, and elsewhere. but culture doesn’t mean everyone is the same.

        • Gordon

          I try my hardest not to make sweeping generalizations (unless taking the P).I do buy it (to a degree) and clearly buy it more than you . Either way don’t you love free speech.
          Which one of is is “right” we will probably never confirm 100% especially as we agree that there are huge cover ups going on and will continue to which cloud so many issues and facts.

      • Conconi – The Original Master

        You serious??? Just because he’s Spanish he must have doped.

        Can I suggest you go on the internet and do some research. Go see if you can find which Spanish riders have been clean and very vocal in their anti-doping stance. There are quite a few.

        I could spell it out for you, but I think you’d benefit by spending a few minutes in educating yourself.

        • Gordon

          This reply came up as I was replying to Jules. I noted I would love to believe he is clean but doubt it. I also noted (below) that I try and avoid sweeping generalizations. Unfortunately I have , perhaps an incorrect, tainted view of Spanish riders. This is my view and only that. Doesn’t mean it is right.

          I could go on the internet (because the internet is always correct) and that would also show Lance and a host of others were anti-doping.

          As I said I would love to think so but throw in the era he rode, some of the teams of the time and he is Spanish (or change that to Australian, Italian, German or perhaps ,Vino, Ulrich, Pantani) and I find it hard to be certain he is clean.

          I’m not convinced any are clean. I wished it were so but I also wish Santa was real.

          • Marcus

            Santa isn’t real??

            • Gordon

              In Spain he is. Not sure about other countries.

              • jules

                in Spain he delivers presents while tripping out on pot belge and his reindeer high on ketamine. everyone just turns a blind eye though

        • Gordon

          Also please note I said ” I doubt it”. You stated “Just because he’s Spanish he must have doped”. Big difference.

          Now lets all take a bex

        • Chris

          I agree! Lay off the Spanish. They made doping illegal in 2013 – problem solved!

    • Pete

      He doped and we were duped as usual. He was a pro, Spanish and rode under Riis.

      • jules

        it’s a feasible scenario

      • Conconi – The Original Master

        But your comment could have been written as:

        “He doped and we were duped as usual. He was a pro, and rode under Riis”.

        Those 2 factors would’ve had a greater influence as to whether he doped than the country he originated from. And that’s because they were all on the stuff.

  • Nitro

    Good to see the UCI have their finger on the pulse.

    I was just thinking the other day – what are the big ticket items, issues, concerns, improvements that the UCI needs to make to carry professional cycling forward.

    The UCI Logo was absolutely #1 on my list of the biggest things that need addressing…

    • pedr09

      And the new logo an absolute dud.

      • Arfy

        They’re using capital letters now, shows they’re all grown up!

    • Kieran Degan

      Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

    • velocite

      How about this: the UCI is working hard, doing their absolute best to improve the sport. One of the minor things on their to do list was a new logo. I don’t agree with pedr09, I think it’s a perfectly good logo. But..you can’t win with those sorts of things – as long as there are matters of substance to be attended to you’ll look ridiculous if you spend any time or money on them. I don’t know how hard they are actually working but I don’t automatically assume they’re slacking off. They oughta attend to that no testing at night loophole though.

    • Jean Dupouy

      To be fair, they’ve probably assigned a small team to do the new logo and it was a relatively quick job to be done (especially when in comparison to more difficult issues to tackle, like athlete wages), so it’s just one thing checked off the list :)

      I quite like the new logo, I was expecting it to look much worse haha

  • velocite

    Should be interesting if the Dutch Police try to stop the riders in Stage 2 of the TdF. Who’ll play the Badger’s role?


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July 28, 2017
July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017