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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
  • RayG

    Glad you put in that warning about the Phil and Paul narration. It’s the cycling equivalent of NSFW – NSF intelligent cycling fans.

    • geoff.tewierik

      I just turned the sound off.

    • Sean

      I see that eurosport will be showing TdF live this year in Australia as well as SBS. Thank god for small mercies that I won’t have to suffer through another year of P&P.

      • claude cat

        Yes, but you’ll have to suffer 10x the advertising, sadly. Not sure if Carlton Kirby is on Eurosport’s roster of commentators – surely at the same level as Phil & Paul?

        • Dave

          Rubbish, Foxtel run fewer ads during live sport events than FTA TV does. With SBS being allowed five minutes of commercial advertising per hour and an unlimited amount of non-commercial advertising* the TdF is as ad-saturated as any of the big three networks and far worse than any live sport on Foxtel.

          With SBS funding unlikely to be upped any time soon, I can see the future of the TdF broadcast in Australia being similar to AFL, Tennis, F1 and V8 Supercars – a FTA station which may or may not be SBS having the basic coverage (perhaps delayed, just the last hour of each stage, or every second stage only) while Foxtel would have the full premium product including fully accredited reporters on the ground at the race.

          Whatever happens, the first step will be breaking the SBS monopoly and allowing competition from Foxtel (whether they use the Eurosport feed or the ASO World Feed) and from web broadcasts.

          * station promotions where the promoted shows can be sponsored by companies, ads for charities, and “viewer competitions” which are always sponsored by companies.

        • Derek Maher

          Hi claude,eurosport seem to have switched Carlton to commenting on car rally racing let those fans suffer.
          Okay Carlton is okay if he keeps off his personal crusades and tries to drag Sean Kelly into his pet subjects.Sean tries to keep his head down or goes for a coffee break while Carlton rabbits on about doping or helmets.

          • claude cat

            Yeh, I like Sean Kelly’s commentary.
            Good to hear that Kerby is off to other sports ;)

      • Chris

        Not sure where you got that from, I can not see it in the Fox guide

        • Sean
        • Dave

          Same here.

          Maybe Sean doesn’t know the difference between live TV and a live blog!

          • Dave

            Or he’s confusing it with the Open de France which is on Fox Sports 1 next weekend, but involves small objects travelling through the air at significantly higher speeds than a bike race does.

          • Sean

            Its not the real Sean, so cut him some slack Dave.

            • Sean

              Yeah. I, and I alone, am The Real Sean™

      • velocite

        You like Carlton Kirby?

        • Dave

          Thankfully, I expect that someone other than CK would be writing the text updates on the live blog that Sean will be refreshing every few minutes instead of watching SBS.

    • Owen Bentley

      Great little video (with the sound off) and a couple of great looking dudes at about the 3:15 mark ;-)

  • Simon

    The semi naked image of Bouhanni reminds me of St Sebastian suffering the slings and arrows for his sport …..


    • CC

      Hilarious ! though Bouhanni was flexing… probably to minimise the pain

    • Daniel

      Buy that man a beer! Gold!

  • a different ben

    *Cough* *cough* – Melburn-Roobaix?

  • Marc

    I appreciate all the things SBS has done for cycling in Australia and am grateful for all the coverage they provide. But after so many years and with so many people following and understanding cycling nowadays I think it’s time for some commentators who actually know and understand cycling. I love watching the Tour, but Phil Ligget, Paul, Sherwen, Mike Tomalaris, Gabriel Gate, it’s just too much to take.

    Btw, in my opinion Matt Kennan, Scott McGrory, Henk Vogels and Robbie McEwen are great.

    • BRK

      Matt Keenan is definitely my favourite cycling commentator. Henk cracks me up… “He’s cherry ripe for the win mate!” :)

      • Abdu

        “That stage was filthy”

    • Tim Ashton

      Nothing annoys me more than waiting up to 10pm, in anticipation of watching some cycling, then being forced to sit through 20mins of bloody Gabriel Gate.

      • Andy Logan

        the frustration levels certainly multiply when it’s a short stage 140km hit out to Alpe D’Huez and through the power of twitter you know that there are heaps of attacks going off and old mate Gate is chatting about some duck breast in red wine or something…it’s like the stage last year when Porte was dropped after Garmin just attacked and attacked and attacked and we missed the entire thing…So annoying!

        • MadBlack

          Well said, Sir! I suppose we should all start a petition to get the bloody frog banned from television. Nothing makes me more angry than a douche talking about tarts when I tuned in to watch cycling! DO YOU GET THIS SBS?????

    • Sean

      I disagree, Paul and Phil know the Tour of France better than anyone else, they’ve been a part of it for so long it wouldn’t be the Tour without phil’s dulcet tones. Paul’s technical knowledge of the sport and tactics are unsurpassed. He has a knack of explaining complex terms like ‘break away’ or ‘front end of the race’ in a way that allows even a typical Adelaide based reader of a site like this to understand.

  • Damien C

    The Phil and Paul show. Great drinking game they create (only joking!) How soon into their work will ‘the sport of professional cycling’ be droned?
    Not bloody long I am sure. If you miss it, don’t worry one of them will repeat it again (and again, and again…) very soon after. Have a drink after each one and, gone by first hour. Not even CK goes with this tripe. We know what bloody sport we are watching. Cycling!

    • Sean

      CK is heaps better than dumb and dumber.

    • Andy Logan

      That and the old chestnut “digging into his suitcase of courage”

  • Michael Sproul

    We (UK – ITV) recently had David Millar commentating on the Dauphene, really good and some great insights. I’m bloody gutted Phil and Paul will be back for the Tour. Eurosport it is.


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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017