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September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
  • Daniel Williams

    Good to see Haas get a spot for TDF

  • John

    Matt, how does showing a video of a seemingly professional riders engaging in an altercation promote the sport of cycling? I would have thought that type of nonsense would be viewed on people’s own time, than be promoted on your website. Dare I say, we are already subjected to enough violence in the media and as a sports coach of young athletes who regularly frequent this site, I find it distasteful. Of course you and others may object and that is within your right to do so.

    • Simon

      And here was I thinking there was a neat juxtaposition between that vid and Greipel’s “Ready To Fight…”

    • Gavin Adkins

      I’d already heard about in social media and I’m interested to know the sanction the rider gets. I understand USA cycling are ‘investigating’ and the rider has been sacked from his team. I would have thought a very long holiday was in order too, say, 12 months.

      • Dave

        I would say a 18 month suspension would be appropriate, it needs to be long enough to trash his whole 2016 summer season.

        The second of the riders in the green and black jersey should get a two year suspension, 18 months for the aggressive and dangerous act of pulling a rider off his bike and 6 months for being the third man in.

        • Winky

          “Third man in” is hockey bullshit. This is cycling. We don’t leave this arsehole to come back and continue with his cowardly beat-down of a guy on the ground.

    • RayG

      The description beforehand gives plenty of warning. You don’t have to watch it. Some might think the public shaming would be a good thing.

      • John

        Oh it comes with a warning, my bad that makes it legitimate then. Thanks for the heads up – not.

        • Nath

          Really? Whether it is palatable or not it is still news. Cyclingtips isn’t here just to promote the nice things about the sport, and the text that accompanies the vid doesn’t suggest it has been placed there for entertainment value. Methinks one should keep one’s shirt on.

          • Gordon

            Thanks Nath, I was uncertain as to what my view was but I am now agreeing with your side. By your logic CT should never mentions drugs, positives etc. While it is a long bow there may be good and bad in many things but to ignore them can achieve nothing….just my opinion though

          • John

            Too cold in Melb to take my shirt off Nath! Hey, I said everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respectfully acknowledge yours, while disagreeing nonetheless.

    • Nitro

      There’s never an excuse for violence like this in the field of sport, but this is the “Daily news digest”. I come here for The Daily News, not just the “Daily Good News”

      To ignore that this sometimes happens would not be appropriate.

      Highlighting that this did happen – and then hopefully at a later date being able to report the sanctions applied – is newsworthy in my opinion.

      Pleasant ? No. Worthy of reporting? Absolutely

  • Craig

    Stick to bike riding Andre!

    • Never ever ever ever again

      das ist nicht gut.

    • velocite

      Beg to differ. Loved it!

  • toneredd

    Second rider 18 months??? I would say all he was doing was standing up for his team mate. Twelve months should do the other rider who punched the rider who was down.


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September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017