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  • Kieran Degan

    I wonder what Tinkov’s plan with Sagan and Berti will be now. I know the plan was originally to aim for Green and Yellow but after Berti’s isolation at the Giro do you reckon they’ll reassess?

    • sli1

      Interesting point. Barring incident, the other big guns have strong climbing support -Nibali with Aru (and probably 3 others going by the Giro), Quintana with Valverde, Froome with Porte. Will Majka be Contador’s man ?
      I doubt Sagan will get much support from the team as they will focus on Bertie and I don’t think Sagan will be there next year.

  • Steel

    How small does that bike look under durbo?

  • Michele

    I am surprised this didn’t make today’s edition:


    Funny stuff.

    Actually the really funny thing is his twitter handle [brewwells]. He’s been hammered for this incident, and for something else he’s unfortunately done.

    The guy decided to take a photo of himself a few days ago standing on his extremely highly reflective bathroom scales. The photo was a little underexposed.

    The problem with the shot is if you adjust the brightness, you’ll see he’s overexposed himself [if you know what I mean]. And he’s not got anything to really brag about. [You’ve been warned if you go looking for it].

    Fair to say the haters are having a field day.


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