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  • donncha

    Is Goss’ career over? He used the excuse that OGE weren’t using him to his strengths as his reason for underperforming there, but now his current manager is basically saying he’s lazy.

    • We’re working on getting an interview with him. In the past he’s been quite candid and doesn’t make any excuses. I’m keen to find out what’s going on.

    • Gavin Adkins

      It’s a shame, and there’s probably more to it than just being ‘lazy’, but I doubt Goss will be able to get a Pro conti contract next year.

      • Dave

        It’s rumoured that he’s paying for this contract, so presumably that could continue next year.

        Perhaps he could ride for Cannondale-Garmin next year, Vaughters would eat off his hand if he was holding a $5 note.

    • Stompin


    • RWH

      Yep unfortunately I reckon without some results, not even winning just being amongst it at the pointy end there are too many younger riders coming through. Suggest we may see him back in the NRS next season, if racing at all

      • Jake(Aus)

        Jeez, not that I disagree with you, just struggle to get my head around it…would be a sad sight indeed to see Goss in the NRS (no disrespect to the NRS intended, just what a fall from grace)

        • RWH

          I’m actually thinking that if he doesn’t get a pro tour contract he won’t ride at all, maybe coming back to NRS (or indeed with one of the Conti teams) is a good way to get some of his mojo back. I would love to see him back being competitive but think it unlikely

    • His aim and hope, I suspect, is to make the Vuelta a winning place.

    • puntaa

      Bit of a shame. He seems like a nice guy, not abrasive at all. Pro level is a tough gig – even a guy like Sagan gets put out to pasture when he has a few bad months. Gossy might end up having more fun on the NRS scene. Give CX a go Gossy!

    • velocite

      When MTNQhubeka threw Matt what looked like another chance expected and hoped that he’d step up. But on top of his failure at OGE – which from my armchair looks like the most supportive team of all – it’s doesn’t look like happening. Reality bites. But it would be interesting to get a bead on what his issue. Didn’t he get a Ferrari? Does that cause terminal motivation problems?

  • Dominic Da Silva

    No mention of two local boys coming 1st and 2nd on the final stage of the Tour of Iran.

    Well done Theo.

    • Bex

      I’d love to see a bit of a write-up on that race. looks like it was extremely brutal, quite a few outside the time limit on a few stages and lots of DNF. Also a w/kg stat or two on the winners of the big climbs.

      ps. very well done to the Aussie’s who finished, especially the pointy end on the last day.

    • Sorry – we couldn’t find any info on the race except for the results (here: https://cyclingtips.com.au/2015/06/2015-tour-of-iran-azarbaijan-stage-6-results/)


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