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  • Marcus

    Wasn’t expecting the Daily News Digest this morning with it being a holiday in Victoria. Very nice to see it as I sit behind my desk in work. Thanks a lot, you’ve made a Monday morning that little bit brighter…

    • Cheers Marcus! Thanks for noticing. Lots happened over the weekend so there’s no way we could take the day off!

    • xponti

      Nice as well to see the Women’s podium as the Main cover photo. Nice work CT.

  • FT27

    Any replays of The Bike Lane outside of Aus??

    • Sorry, but I’m sure you can find some geo-blocking workarounds if you google!

      • FT27

        Thanks Wade, glad to see the show is up and running again, used to be a highlight of my week.

      • velocite

        Very impressed by your hot lap, and Matt did a good job on the motor thing. Good to see the new Bike Lane acknowledging its roots – hope to see a continuing connection.

      • Nick D

        USA reader here. I searched for The Bike Lane in good ‘ol YouTube and found episodes one and two. Looking forward to number three being loaded there. Thanks again to Wade and company for all your fine content.

  • Pete

    That new Trek Madone looks a lot like a Venge.

    • Billy

      Specialized will sue them if its too close.

  • velocite

    That ‘Science of Sport’ website does not impress as ‘scientific’. As has been canvassed in CT recently the conclusions of the BBC study were already reached in a Michael Ashenden study 4 years ago, and it didn’t blow the ABP out of the water, it found that it was insensitive to EPP microdosing, which needed prompt urine analysis to detect. But I’m sure we’re waiting to hear more from the UCI on Kreuziger – not good that they have said zilch so far, not even explained why they are not saying anything – have they?

    • Derek Maher

      Got to agree about that website.My read on the situation.What is being undermined is the $6million a year cycling is forking out to vested interests.Money that would go a heck of a long way into other avenues of racing.A lot of convictions have seemed to be based on flimsy evidence and riders being afraid to challange this system.Fair dues to Kreuziger for not bowing down and fighting his case.

  • velocite

    Porte, Gerrans, and now Caleb. Sad for him to be caught in a crash in his Mum’s Country’s Tour.

  • Bob
  • Holby City

    Kennaugh had some good luft on the podium


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