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  • Roger That

    Nice to see young Caleb winning in the country that he is ‘half from’ (Korea).

  • Wish I was on the bike…

    Saddened to read of pins being found on Norton Summit Road, one of Adelaide’s most cycled roadways into the Adelaide Hills. http://www.adelaidecyclists.com/forum/topics/multiple-punctures-on-norton-summit?page=1&commentId=3086792%3AComment%3A967038&x=1#3086792Comment967038

  • Robert Merkel

    No matter who’s organizing it, Marin County is a nice place to ride a bike.

  • jules

    the self-driving cars thing will be interesting. I have little doubt they have the capacity to offer major safety gains to vulnerable road users, inc. cyclists. however, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. they will do that by doing what some drivers are reluctant to do – slow down, go around. this is problematic from a marketing perspective, as customers may resent purchasing a vehicle that is designed to benefit others and inconvenience them. this could potentially cause car makers to compromise their design – in the same way some makers offer cars with Electronic Stability Control that can be set to ‘sport mode’ to allow a bit of wheel spin, or even turned off entirely.

    • Arfy

      It’s interesting that the world-wide number one Automotive systems supplier, Bosch, changed the name of their Automotive Technology business to Mobility Solutions. It’s a win for cyclists and society when we have such industry powerhouses providing statements like “…we need to rethink personal mobility, at least in big cities, and move toward a multimodal concept encompassing bikes, trains, and buses.”


  • Arfy

    The paper on Driverless Vehicles was a bit disappointing. It was filled with a lot of hypotheticals, including that “all vehicles are autonomous”. It did not take into account that this area of research and roll-out of vehicles and infrastructure will proceed at different rates, with different systems, at different cost-points, across the world. To really have any relevance to town planning over the next couple of decades the research needs to be focused on progressive introduction and how this will change road-users’ experience while still delivering on road-users’ expectations.

    There was really nothing new in the research when the author concluded that many cyclists were apprehensive on autonomous vehicles, it’s well known that many people are scared of change until they can see the results. I was expecting the author to have at least investigated some of the on-road trials going on in the USA, Europe, Singapore, and even Australia. Asking people with no experience in the use or interaction with autonomous vehicle systems is setting yourself up to fail, and I think that’s exactly what’s happened.

  • MadBlack

    I’d put my money on Martin attempting and smashing Wiggo’s record. What other option does Specialized have??? They will be the ones pushing him to do it and front any monies required. CANNOT WAIT!

    • Probably will be waiting a while. Don’t see Tony attempting it till either the end of the season or next spring. To be on the same level as Brad he needs a long, focused build up as well. Wiggo has taken it to a new level with his focus and the whole marginal gains thing.

  • Michael Sproul

    That was one hell a push out the way by the Confidis lead out man!


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